HDMI VGA WIRELESS PRESENTATION SYSTEM 720P  Part Number: 90-12062 The HDMI VGA Wireless Presentation System is an amazing, and easily installed, solution for multiple screen presenting situations.  From a conference in the office to family reunions, this technology can truly change the way presentations work to meet your needs.


The HDMI VGA Wireless Presentation System can present on up to 4 screens simultaneously, meaning that your presentations can reach multiple audiences from a single-unit that will connect any PC/Mac, PDA, or Windows Mobile device with wireless capabilities to a projector.

The device can also connect to an HDTV with HDMI or VGA ports.   This function is possible at a distance of up to 200 ft. The conference function is great for a variety of environments including classrooms and training sessions, especially with real-time video presentations.


The HDMI VGA Wireless Presentation System includes many important features, some of the highlights are:

  • Multi-user wireless access
  • Split-Screen display
  • Audio/video 30fps screen mirroring
  • Embedded web-based system utility
  • Built-in Wi-Fi g.n router/access point

This system was developed to maximize efficiency for a variety of users, and will work with several systems including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2K & Mac OS X.

Whatever your conferencing needs, the HDMI VGA Wireless Presentation System will help you reach your audience for effective and thorough presentations.  Contact MilesTek today for more information!

VGA RS232 IR AUDIO OVER CAT5E/CAT6 EXTENDER (ACTIVE)  Part Number: 90-12120The experts at MilesTek have made it their priority to craft and sell an impressive range of VGA extender devices.  These top selling, and high quality extensions perform at a high level and are offered at competitive prices.

We offer a variety of mounting styles including box-style and wall plate versions to fit every extension need. A perfect fit for installers, our VGA extenders work excellently with computer-to-TV or multi-screen distribution. Professional installations typically feature wall plates or IR active extenders hidden within a home theater or server rack setup.

Your Options

Some of the most popular VGA extension options available through MilesTek include:

Successful Installation

Whatever style of VGA extender device you have in mind, MilesTek has you covered.  Order your extenders from MilesTek today to get started on your VGA project. Do not forget VGA and Category cable assemblies as well!

When it comes to the images on our screens, we all want the best possible picture quality.  This may not always seem like a possibility, but with the increases in technology and the invention of HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6, the availability of clear picture is becoming more and more accessible.

Benefits of HDMI


This system is so powerful because it allows for long distance transmission.  This means that you can send pristine images more than 1200 meters without losing picture quality.

Beyond the great quality, you will also avoid the electromagnetic interference that can sometimes appear in difficult environments. So, whether you are having a business meeting, or a movie night, your picture will be crystal clear and interference free.

Avoiding Interference

The quality of these cables is so great that they can be used in a variety of serious environments with plenty of possible interference.  From hospitals to government buildings and factories, our cables are trusted to provide high quality picture and sound in any environment.

Making Your Quality a Priority

Your business is important, and whether you are at work or at play, you should have the highest quality picture and sound available.  That’s where we come in.

Make quality transmission your priority, and rely on the experts at MilesTek to make HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6, your new method of long distance transmission.  Contact us today to invest in high quality transmission for your life at work and at home.

Product Spotlight: Custom Cable Harnesses


Harness military cables

Each company has its own particular needs, and with the constant growth of technology, every company needs cable harnesses for something.  Whether you need many standard cables or a custom model, the experts at MilesTek are here to help you get the highest quality materials for your company.

Our Team

We have a team of in-house engineers with over 60 years of experience.  That means that we can optimize your custom cable harnesses to make them more economical and effective than our competition. Our technicians receive frequent training to ensure that we provide you with the best products for the best prices.

Our Product and Services

  • Some of the fastest shipping available
  • Employees who work with you to customize each cable harness to your specifications
  • Excellent inventory
  • Great deals for great prices
  • No minimum purchase on in stock items

A Trustworthy Brand

With MilesTek, you can rest assured that your products will come to you exactly the way you wanted them.  We work to maintain the trust of our clients by consistently providing superior service and products, and making customer satisfaction a priority.

Choosing MilesTek

Now is the time to take your company’s success into your only hands.  A good company is found in the basics, like custom cable harnesses, so by choosing MilesTek, you are choosing to put your company in the best hands.


Call us today and we can begin designing and producing the harnesses you need to keep your business running smoothly.


AV signal extensions can be a big help for a work set up, but their installation can look a bit cluttered.  With MilesTek AV over CAT5E/CAT6 WALL PLATE extender options you can get the extension you need without the mess.

Our Options

You want your workspace to be efficient, and look nice, so presentation is important.  With our wall plate extender options you can get the best of both worlds with excellent extension and a cleaner finish on all of your extenders.

We offer a variety of options so you can finish your extenders for your media in a way that best fits your needs, budget and space.  Here are a few of the options we have available:

With this variety of options, you are sure to find the wall plate you need for a clean finish.

Your Media

You deserve to have the media you need where you need it, and that doesn’t have to mean giving up clean finishes and smooth products.  Contact us today to find the best wall plate option for your media and let us help you maximize your media!


Do you have a business that requires you to present materials on more than one screen simultaneously? In the modern world, most meetings do, and that is where the HDMI Over IP LAN Ethernet Extender comes in to save the day.

This nifty piece of technology will allow you and your associates to send an HDMI 1.3 Signal to one or more HDMI displays through a CAT5E/CAT6 cable and over a standard managed Ethernet infrastructure, simultaneously.  It will also allow you to return an IR control signal to the source so you can manage each of these displays.


This extender is useful for many different needs, and is perfect for any situation that requires multiple displays:

  • Digital signage
  • Computer Presentations
  • Corporate
  • Other Commercial Applications


With our extender set you will receive a transmitter, receiver, AC power adapters and an HDMI cable. And because our units also come with IR send and receive control cables, you will be able to control the source from any of the displays.

Put Technology to Work

Use our extenders today to display your HD digital content over 300 feet from a single source to one or many via Ethernet switches (managed or unmanaged). You can also Daisy-chain Ethernet switches to maximize distance (up to 1300 feet) with excellent quality picture and sound.

So, don’t put it off.  Up your game by taking advantage of this technology for your next presentation!

Circular connectors are essential to almost every electronic connection.  These connectors can house a variety of contacts, and be easily inserted and removed from electronic devices.

Having the right connector for your electronic devices will ensure your electronic devices work as they are meant to.  The experts at MilesTek have the connectors available to make all of your electronics function as effectively as possible.

circular connectorsTypes of Connectors

As the leading manufacturer of connectors, MilesTek offers a variety of circular connectors for every electronic device you may own.  Some of our most effective connectors include:

The variety of connectors offered by MilesTek truly sets us apart as a leader in the industry and at the forefront of advancements.

Choosing MilesTek

MilesTek strives to create connectors for major OEM connector companies around the world.  We also provide connectors for distributers, making our company a recognized name worldwide.

In the competitive electronics industry, we stand as a pinnacle of professionalism, value, and reliable customer service. Maintaining this level of excellence requires consistently setting and meeting high expectations for all of our professional services, and sets us apart as a leader in the industry.

Your electronics company requires connectors, and there is no better provider than MilesTek.  We look forward to working with you soon!

We recently attended the InfoComm conference in Las Vegas, and we’ve taken away many positives from the experience.

InfoComm is an international audio visual show, targeted toward commercial applications (rather than residential). Attendees included small to large system integration/install firms, as well as IT and AV managers working directly with an end-user segment, such as a corporation, higher education, government, and healthcare.

Many new products were showcased this year, and MilesTek is proud to distribute many of them. This confirms our goal of keeping up with industry standards and AV technology.

Attendance was strong at this year’s conference, with many products being showcased, although there was nothing “earth shattering” as far as new technology being presented.

Distribution of HDMI and 4K x 2K Resolution

The main focus of this year’s show was on distribution of HDMI and 4K x 2K resolution. HDMI over IP was also emphasized, which allows for an extension through a LAN network of Ethernet switches/routers.

The other main product that was showcased was the HDBaseT, which allows extension of 4K x 2K resolution up to 330 FT or more. MilesTek should receive stock of our new HDBaseT extenders by the end of the month.

Other highlights included:

  • HD Video Conferencing products, allowing for better interactive collaboration
  • Digital signage creation and distribution systems
  • Large scale video matrix switching equipment—8×8 and larger, over CAT5E/CAT6
  • More and more platforms allowing AV system control and collaboration between smart phones and tablets

Check back with our technical blog regularly for the latest products and developments from MilesTek!

HDMI/DVI TO VGA/Component Video RGB and Audio Converter Need to convert an HDMI or DVI source such as a laptop or DVD player to an older TV with analog video connections?  MilesTek has just the solution for you! This unique device allows your HDMI or DVI signal to be converted to TVs or projectors with either VGA or Component Video (RGB) connections.

What about the audio?  The device also converts the audio from your HDMI source to either S/PDIF coaxial audio out, or 3.5mm stereo audio out.

Great Value for Quality Equipment

Don’t waste money on over expensive equipment that will break down or leave you with less than quality images. Our HDMI/DVI to VGA/Component Video and Audio converter gives you the quality you searching for at an affordable price for your Audio/Video installation projects!

High Definition Sound

You are only a few clicks away from connecting a digital device to analog TV. Not only will you customers enjoy quality images, but also high definition sound as well. Combining these two factors can really facelift any professional entertainment center.

Meeting your Needs with the Right Converter

So whether your project includes a projector or plasma screen that you want to play movies or give company presentations on, or you simply want to connect a newer laptop to older TV for optimal gaming, order our HDMI/DVI to VGA/Component Video and Audio converter today.

Our professionals understand technology and know the best way to help you achieve your installation project goals. Give us a call today and find out what else you can do to optimize your entertainment center installations!

HDMI/VGA Wireless Presentation System

In modern offices and even schools, presentations have become the main basis for sharing ideas—and with modern technology, sharing and collaborating through presentations is becoming more and more productive.

The HDMI/VGA Wireless Presentation System is at the forefront of presentation equipment, and it makes it possible to connect your PC, Mac, PDA, or Windows Mobile Device with Wi-Fi wireless access to a projector and pull off your latest presentation without a hitch.

Special Features

One of the most amazing things about the HDMI/VGA Wireless Presentation System is that it allows multiple users (up to 4) to display simultaneously.  This feature streamlines the presentation process and allows for even more collaboration between presenters—and that’s when the best ideas are imagined and created.

This presentation system also features a wireless access point, secure logins, and flexible installation.  With all of these features, your presentation is sure to be a success.

Where Can You Use it?

Presentations are becoming more and more important throughout every aspect of modern life, and the HDMI/VGA Wireless Presentation System can help you share ideas in a variety of situations, including:

  • Business Meetings
  • Classrooms
  • Conferences
  • Training Sessions

Truly, the range of use is practically unlimited, and in any of these situations, you can give your audio and visual presentations in real time.

Start Collaborating Now

Increase your productivity and collaboration today by investing in the HGMI/VGA Presentation System, and watch the great ideas your company imagines become a reality.

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