What’s So Special About Military-Grade Ethernet Cable Assemblies?

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The term “military-grade” gets used a lot these days, but what does it really mean? Specifically, what are the essential qualities of military-grade Ethernet cable assemblies? We list six of them below. We conclude with information that will help you find and understand MilesTek’s offering of military-grade Ethernet cable assemblies.

By the way, MilesTek’s military customers are not the only ones who buy our military-grade Ethernet cable assemblies. Such products are also sought by non-military users who need the rugged dependability of military-grade design and construction. This includes our customers in the industrial, aerospace and avionics sectors, to name a few.

What Is Military-Grade?

Ethernet cable assemblies used in military applications need to be designed to meet strict requirements for durability, reliability, and security. Here are some of the general qualities they must have to make them suitable for military use:

  • Durability: Military environments can be harsh and demanding. Ethernet cable assemblies used in these settings must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and other environmental hazards.
  • Reliability: Military operations rely on constant communication, so Ethernet cable assemblies used in these settings must be highly reliable and capable of transmitting data quickly and accurately, even in challenging conditions. Reliability is more important in military settings than in any other application, because human lives are often at stake.
  • Security: Military communications are often highly sensitive, so Ethernet cable assemblies used in these settings must be designed to provide maximum security and prevent unauthorized access to data.
  • Compatibility: Ethernet cable assemblies used in military applications must be compatible with a range of devices and systems, including those used in other countries, to ensure seamless communication across different platforms and networks.
  • Customizability: Military operations can vary widely in their requirements, so Ethernet cable assemblies used in these settings must be highly customizable and adaptable to meet specific needs and configurations. MilesTek’s online Cable Assemblies Wizard allows you to build your own military-grade assembly, choosing the exact cable and connectors for your needs.

MilesTek’s Military-Grade Cable Assemblies

Over the past 40 years, MilesTek has become a global source for Ethernet cable assemblies used not only in aerospace and military avionics but industrial and government projects as well. One thing we have learned is that technological advances in these industries can make it difficult to know how to choose the right assembly for your needs. With that in mind, we have simplified our main cable options below by dividing our assemblies into four groups and summarizing their features and applications.

Military-Grade Bus and Stub Cable Assemblies

  • 100-ohm twinaxial cable assemblies are best suited for deployment in bus networks that are subject to rigorous use or environmental extremes. The three-slot TRB connectors are robust and the cable can withstand temperatures up to 392°F (200°C).
  • Three-slot, solder/clamp, plug to plug assemblies are best suited for typical bus networks that are not subject to environmental extremes. Some of them feature a steel spring for bend relief.
  • Bus and scope test cable assemblies are made with standard test cable and are used in labs and testing facilities. They combine one center twinax cable with two coax cables.
  • High-temperature, three-slot, full-crimp assemblies are rated to handle high temperatures and are suitable for vehicle applications.

Military-Grade Coaxial-RF Cable Assemblies

These assemblies employ a huge variety of standard cable and connector types. They are perfect for RF applications such as WAN/LAN, wireless, GPS, GSM, video, radio VHF, instrumentation and telecom.

Military-Grade Triaxial Cable Assemblies

We offer 50-ohm and 75-ohm triaxial assemblies with many connector combinations. Triaxial cable is like coaxial but with an added outer copper braid for shielding to increase bandwidth and protect the conductors from electrical noise. Triax cables’ many uses include high-frequency transducer data systems and precision low-current measurements.

Military-Grade Twinaxial Cable Assemblies

Twinaxial cable is also like coaxial, but it has two inner conductors instead of one, plus a shielded braid around both wires. It is a cost-efficient option for short-range, high-speed differential signaling applications such as low-frequency digital and video distribution systems. We offer twinax assemblies with halogen-free and plenum-rated jackets as well as vacuum-rated TVAC cable assemblies.

For your urgent project needs, we offer same-day shipping on our in-stock military-grade cable assemblies. View all of our standard cable assemblies or see our Cable Assembly Wizard for custom options.

Feel free to contact our U.S.-based sales team at sales@milestek.com or 1-866-524-1553.

May 25, 2023