Bulk Cable

4 Reasons Custom Products Might Be Exactly What You Need

MilesTek keeps an inventory of thousands of products used in military avionics, aerospace, industrial, and government projects. And yet we realize that, for some of you, that’s not always enough. Sometimes you need a custom cable assembly or adapter to go outside the box to solve your challenges.

October 20, 2023

Is Bulk Best? 6 Benefits of Using MilesTek Bulk Cable

Often it is useful to buy your cable assemblies pre-made and in short standard lengths. An example is a 12-inch RG58 coaxial cable to connect nearby instruments on a lab bench. But just as often it is more advantageous to order your cable in bulk quantities. A bulk cable roll allows you to cut your cable assemblies in the exact custom lengths you need for more efficient wiring and less waste. It also makes long-distance cable runs simpler and more efficient, with fewer connection points. In addition, using bulk cable can cost up to half as much as buying pre-cut lengths.

July 13, 2023