4 Reasons Custom Products Might Be Exactly What You Need

MilesTek keeps an inventory of thousands of products used in military avionics, aerospace, industrial, and government projects. And yet we realize that, for some of you, that’s not always enough. Sometimes you need a custom cable assembly or adapter to go outside the box to solve your challenges.

We offer these services and more through our custom Cable Assembly Wizard and Adapter Wizard. For instance, we can:

  • Provide unique combinations of cables, connectors, and adapters
  • Build custom wire harnesses for fast, easy installation
  • Develop prototypes
  • Build to your prints or revise your designs to optimize cost-effectiveness

This blog post reveals how easy it is to go custom at MilesTek. But first, if you are undecided whether custom connectivity is the way to go, please consider the four main benefits of such products.

1. Custom Products Last Longer

Going custom means choosing a product that is designed for a certain purpose. When your installation operates within the electrical parameters, tolerances, and environmental conditions it was intended for, it will perform better and last longer. For instance, if you find the right combination of connectors on a standard twinaxial cable but you would prefer it to have a high-temperature jacket, settling for the standard cable is probably not a compromise you want to make. In such a case, ordering a custom, heat-resistant assembly will require less maintenance in the long run and will save you time and money.

2. Custom Products Take Less Labor and Time

A custom product is easier to install because it is the form factor and size you need it to be. For instance, having us configure a custom wiring harness made to your specs will save you time and eliminate hassle during installation. Also, with cable assemblies, if you end up needing to create your own custom connection in the field, joining a connector to a nonstandard length of cable, it might require special installation tools. Not so with a made-to-order assembly.

3. Custom Products Mean Less Waste

When you have cable cut to the exact length you need, none is wasted. You’re not left with yards of cable you might never use or excess slack that gets tangled with other cords. Cleaner installations take up less room, allowing you to better utilize space. Also, at MilesTek there is less waste with custom because there are no minimum order requirements − you don’t have to buy 5 or 10 just to get one.

4. Custom Products Can Be More Cost-Effective

The popular notion is that custom cable assemblies and adapters are always more expensive. But in many cases they can save you money. As mentioned above, custom connections can produce cost savings by requiring less time to install and lasting longer. Also, you can opt to have a MilesTek product expert view your design and suggest revisions to optimize its cost-effectiveness. Take advantage of

MilesTek’s 30+ years devising solutions for our customers’ military avionics, aerospace, industrial, and government challenges.

More "Custom" Benefits

A few more advantages of getting custom solutions from MilesTek include:

  • Free, live technical support
  • Field technical support
  • No minimum quantities
  • Offshore capabilities
  • Fast turnaround − same-day shipping on in-stock products

MilesTek’s Cable Assembly Wizard and Adapter Wizard

Custom products are a few clicks away at MilesTek. You can go straight to our online Custom Cable Assembly Wizard or Adapter Wizard to configure the exact product you need.

In the Cable Assembly Wizard, build your custom product by choosing from seven drop-down lists: cable, cable type, connector A type and mount, connector B type and mount, and cable length. We are confident you will find what you need in our huge assortment of coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial cable, and connector types that include SMA, SMB, SMC, N, TNC, RG58, RG59, RG400, and more.

In our Adapter Wizard you simply choose a “connector A” and a “connector B” from drop-down lists that include BNC, RCA, F, TRB twinax, and others.

Check out our Cable Assembly Wizard and Adapter Wizard today! The vast majority of our products are in stock and available for same-day shipping. For help on choosing what product is best for you, contact the U.S.-based MilesTek sales team at +1 (877) 924-1134 or via email at sales@milestek.com.


October 20, 2023