MilesTek regularly stocks, builds and supplies triaxial connectors, cables and cable assemblies. We use Trompeter TRC-50-1, TRC-50-2, TRC-75-1, TRC-75-2 triaxial cables to fit a range of applications. Check out our Cable Assembly Wizard to dynamically create, view and order your custom cable assembly.
  1. Cable Assembly

    This section features 50 ohm and 75 ohm triaxial cable assemblies. These assemblies are configured with multiple connector combinations, featuring TRB & TRS jacks, plugs and blunt ends. Check out our Cable Assembly Wizard to help you find and select the cable, connector(s) and custom-length(s) to suit your needs. MilesTek provides fast shipment for flexible triaxial cable assemblies.

  2. Patch Panels

    Patch Panels suited for Military applications. Ethernet, Fiber Optic, USB, D-Sub, HDMI, GPIB. Suited for rugged environments, available in many different configurations to meet all applications and forms of connectivity. Custom panel identifiers and connector configurations available with quick turn.

  3. Bulk Cable

    Triax cable is coax cable with an additional outer copper braid (insulated from the signal carrying conductors) that acts as a shield, protecting the enclosed coax conductors. This shield is grounded and passes both ground loop and capacitive field noise currents away from the signal carrying coax, thereby greatly improving the "signal to noise" ratio over standard coax cable.

  4. Connectors

    MilesTek offers a full range of TRB & TRC triaxial plugs, jacks and accessories to complete any project. Triaxial connectors are found most often in the television industry, particularly for connecting cameras as they send captured audio/video to their control units (CCUs) which simultaneously send commands. They are also found in low-current measuring and testing due to the extra shielding and a third flow of current (compared to coaxial).