Twinaxial TRB 3-slot Right Angle Cable Plug (M17/176-00002)

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Like solder/clamp TRB connectors, full crimp TRB plugs comply with RoHS regulations, and use the standard bayonet mating style. Right angle body styles are used in cable-management and space saving applications. The concentric twinaxial design includes a center contact, surrounded by a second intermediate cylindrical contact. The bayonet mating interface helps maintain stable connections, even under severe vibration. This plug is designed to crimp with M17/176-00002 twinax cable.

Tech Notes - The center contact is high (positive) connected to the twinax blue wire and the cylindrical contact is low (negative) connected to the twinax white wire. The connector body is tied to the cable shield. Full crimp connectors require specialized tools.