Category 6, Ruggedized RJ45 Plug, Zinc-Nickel finish, for cable OD .271-.330" w/ Dust Cap

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MilesTek's ruggedized RJ45 plugs are designed to integrate with other ruggedized jam-nuts, flange mounts and in-line receptacles. Special compressive fittings allow these plugs to work with shielded or unshielded cable. A compression nut establishes 10lb of cable strain relief establishing robust cable strength. Internal conductive compression is used to interoperate with the cable braid to form a 360° ground plane and is comprehensively shielded. Available in Category 5e or Category 6 versions and with or without dust caps. Category 5e versions do not come with an RJ45 but Category 6 versions do. Bulk cable is sold separately. These parts are designed to work with cables that have an outer diameter of .190-.270 or .271-.330 inches. Ruggedize your plugs for harsh environmental applications today!
  • Rated for Category 6 and designed to work with cables that have an OD of .271-.330 inches
  • Zinc-Nickel finish is shielded, grounded and olive drab in color; Zinc-Nickel options are NOT RoHS compliant
  • 10 lbs of cable strain relief enables robust cable strength and can accommodate both small and large cable diameters and comes complete with compressive fittings for shielded cable
  • Supplied RJ45 suitable for solid or stranded conductor ODs of .037-.042 inches and rated for Category 6
  • Able to integrate with MilesTek's ECRD & ECSD & ECRH & ECSH style Ruggedized Flange Mounts,ECRK & ECSK & ECRJ & ECSJ style Jam nuts and ECRP & ECSP style In-line Receptacles as well as assemblies terminated with those receptacles

  • Harsh environment or outdoor use
  • Factory network or Industrial process control
  • Battlefield communication systems
  • PoE, PoE+ or PoE++
  • Category 5e or Category 6 networks