Without Bend Relief

These basic cable assemblies are best suited for use in typical bus networks that are not subject to rigorous use or environmental extremes.
  1. 30-02001 Cable

    These 30-02001 cable assemblies offer a lower-cost cabling solution for laboratory implementations.  The larger form-factor of the 30-02001 cable offers lower attenuation per foot than the 30-02003.

  2. 30-02002 Cable

    With enhanced insulation and outer jacket, 30-02002 cabling is capable of operating in temperatures as low as -55?C (-67?F) and as high as 200?C (392?F).  This cabling is slightly thinner than M17/176, and posesses slightly higher attenuation.

  3. 30-02003 Cable

    These lab-rated cable assemblies are built with 30-02003 cabling.  This cabling is less bulky than 30-02001, but its reduced size leads to higher attenuation per foot of cable. 

  4. M17-176 Cable

    The M17/176 cable is MilesTek's larger offering in the high-temperature-rated bus cabling  category.  This thicker cable provides a robust cabling solution with less attenuation per foot than the 30-02002.