Twinaxial TRB 3-lug Cable Jack (30-02002)

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Common TRB cable jacks use the bayonet coupling design per industry standards. The center socket receives and secures the pin contact from a TRB plug. The intermediate cylindrical contacts form the outer connection. The bayonet locking design secures the contact points and prevents signal losses from shock or vibration. The -242 model is designed to fit high-temperature 30-02002 twinaxial cable, or Cinch Connectivity Solution’s TWAC-78-1F2 twinaxial cable (Trompeter product line). It is RoHS compliant.

Tech Notes - The center contact is high (positive) connected to the twinax blue wire and the cylindrical contact is low (negative) connected to the twinax white wire. The connector body is tied to the cable shield.