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BNC Bulkhead Jack 50 OHM - 10-02538 BNC bulkhead isolated jacks are available in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm versions. The 50 Ohm type is sufficient for analog video. Although designed for digital video, the 75 Ohm type will also operate with analog video. 16-gauge steel panels are painted black and have rolled edges for rigidity. They have 0.505" diameter "D" holes to mount bulkhead isolated jacks. BSP models are without designation strips. BSPD models have two 0.70" wide designation strips. BNC jacks in the distribution panels are either 10-02538 (50 Ohm) or 10-03538 (75 Ohm). Panel widths are 19" or 23" (without designation strips). All panels are 3-1/2" high, except the 1x16 panels, which are 1-3/4" high.