Tools & Testers

  1. Strip Tools

    MilesTek stocks a wide offering of hand held stripping tools for easy and fast stripping for coax, solid and stranded cables. 

  2. Network Cable Testers

    MilesTek Network Cable Testers provides contractors, electricians, low voltage installers, or anyone involved in the installation or maintenance of metallic cables with the capibility to quickly find faults in cables up to a distance of 2500 feet.

  3. Punchdown Tools

    Featuring Impct and Multi-Pair tools that will give you a quick and easy solution.

  4. General Tools

    Milestek can ship the tools to get the job done directly to your site.

  5. Crimp Tools

    MilesTek has a full line of coax and modular crimpers as well as compression tools.

  6. Cable Splicing

    Maek your job easier with Milestek's full line of crimping tools and kits.