Additional Racks

MilesTek's additional racking solutions include pivoting and hinged panel wall mounts, popular wall mount open frame racks, economical 2-post relay racks, and aesthetically pleasing laminate racks.
  1. Relay 2 Post Racks

    2-post relay racks are a convenient and economical way to organize your server/networking equipment. MilesTek offers a variety of metal and color options for your 2-post racking needs.

  2. Wall Mount Racks

    Wall racks save floor space and are ideal for smaller installations or to house system distribution points. Many wall rack styles are available to meet a wide range of project needs. Open-frame styles are great for controlled spaces such as utility rooms and some models can be mounted over conduit and similar obstructions. Enclosed models provide security to protect equipment in more open spaces from tampering, dust, and other hazards, and many styles have hinged center sections to provide enhanced rear access to equipment and wiring.

  3. Specialty Laminate Racks

    These elegant, cost effective equipment racks are modular, studio-grade components well suited for any permanent installation.  Featuring a NEW maple, oak or black wood grain finish, these versatile equipment racks are offered with a variety of options for superior equipment mounting, mobility & aesthetics.