Middle Atlantic Multi-Purpose Rack Enclosures

MilesTek offers the full-line of configured rack enclosure kits from Middle Atlantic Products that are ideal for IT/Networking and Audio Video applications.  From value-priced ERK series, MRK series for larger-scale multi-bay jobs, Slim 5 series when space is tight, or WMRK series for server applications.
  1. DWR Series Cabinets

    Specify a DWR wall cabinet to provide easy rear access while keeping floor areas clear. This pivoting, sectional wall cabinet is ideal for systems in both secured and non-secured areas. Most versatile wall rack available!

  2. ERK Series Racks

    The ERK series provides a stand-alone rack enclosure with ganging capabilities.  Specify an ERK for your budget-conscience projects and when solid sides are preferable.  This rack system provides unparalleled quality at an unbeatable value.

  3. MRK Series Racks

    The MRK series provides a narrow design for large-scale multi-bay jobs where floor space is a concern.  Specify an MRK rack when multiple racks need to be joined, or when open sides are desirable for easy access to cables and components.

  4. Slim 5 Series Racks

    The Slim 5 versatile rack frame system satisfies many design requirements.  Popular in Audio/Video installation environments due is its slim, compact dimensions.  Specify a Slim 5 when space and flexibility is a concern, open sides are desirable, or when multiple racks need to be joined.

  5. WMRK Series Enclosures

    The WMRK series was designed specifically for mounting deep equipment in a raised-floor standard 24� wide enclosure. Comes standard with cage nut mounting rails and perforated doors and tops to meet server manufacturer warranty specifications.Choose a WMRK when mounting deep servers or similar equipment is required, and for easy installations in raised-floor environments. Pre-configured models are also available.

  6. WRK Series Enclosures

    The WRK series was designed with a wider footprint for mounting equipment with thicker cable bundles that would be difficult to fit in a basic rack. It's ideal for multi-bay installations, or to insure more cooling airflow. The WRK series also offers seismic certification and open or removable sides.