DS3 Telecom

MilesTek is one of the leading manufacturers of DS3 Central Office connectivity products to the telecommunications industry. We provide a complete offering of connectors, tools, bulk cable, cable assemblies and rack accessories for the DS3 installer. Our 28 years of experience, expertise and service are unmatched in the industry today.

Coaxial Connectors

MilesTek offers BNC and Mini BNC connectors designed specifically for DS3 central office applications and 734A and 735A coaxial cables.  Our connectors are machined brass with nickel-plating, not die-cast, and incorporate a beryllium-copper wave washer to improve flexibility and durability over mating cycles and provide enhanced shielding.

Cable Assemblies

MilesTek can provide DS3 coaxial cable assemblies using many different connector types. Our cable assemblies are 100% tested and guaranteed to perform. Same-day shipment is available, for standard and custom-length cable assemblies. Our in-house design engineering staff has the experience to custom design your cables to meet your application requirements, or simply revise your current designs to optimize cost-effective manufacturing.

Coaxial Adapters

50 Ohm connectors and adapters can't be used for 75 Ohm applications, so eliminate the distortion and transmission errors by using MilesTek 75 Ohm DS3 adapters. Not seeing the adapter you need? Use our Adapter Wizard to find the exact product to meet your application.

Coaxial Terminator

Terminators are generally used at the far end of an open coaxial line. The resistance should match the characteristic impedance of the coaxial line, so no reflections or standing waves are present when the signal enters. MilesTek terminators are designed to meet the 75 Ohm requirements of DS3 Central Office applications.


MilesTek offers a complete offering of crimp tools, test kits, and strippers most widely used by DS3 installers and technicians.

Bulk Cable

MilesTek stocks a wide variety of bulk cable types. The cables featured here represent the most common used in DS3 Central Office applications. Please contact us or check our full on-line offering for additional cable types.  Run lengths vary in the central office. The appropriate coax cable needs to be considered so attenuation limits are not exceeded. 734 type cable is usually capable of lengths up to 450 feet, whereas 735 type cable is capable of lengths up to 225 feet.

Panel Assembly

MilesTek BNC Distribution Panels have .505-inch diameter “D” holes to mount bulkhead isolated jacks. The black steel panels are 16 AWG thick, painted black, and have rolled edges for rigidity. BNC Jacks in the distribution panels are the 10-03538 75 Ω DS3 BNC Bulkhead Jack. Panels are available in 19-inch width and 1 or 2 rack spaces. White designation strips are optional.

Rack Shelves: 19in

MilesTek offers racks, panels, and accessories for the central office installer. Our racks and accessories are available in either 19” or 23” widths. Made from either Steel or Aluminum our high quality products and quick turnaround time make MilesTek the perfect choice to complete your project.

A DS3 line is a circuit that is used by telephone companies in the Central Office (CO) and increasingly in the outside plant. A DS3 line transmits data and digitized voice at a rate of 44.736 Mbps. It serves as a transport for 28 T1 circuits, which can be configured to supply up to 672 DSO circuits (voice channels).

Telecommunication customers use DS3 circuits as private lines to connect data services from one geographic location to another, or to transport large amounts of dial tone to the premise. DS3 circuits are also used to connect directly to a long-distance company for broadband WAN service. Some companies now sell fractional DS3 lines.

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