Twinaxial TRB 3-lug Bulkhead Jack with Bend Relief (30-02001)

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TRB bulkhead cable jacks attach directly to panels (front-mount). This jack will use the common signal of the panel because it is not insulated (non-isolated) from the panel. Bend relief springs are a must when mounting bulkhead cable jacks to panels for long periods of time. The bulkhead jack end will appear on the front of the panel. The -210 model is designed to fit laboratory-rated 30-02001 twinaxial cable, or Cinch Connectivity Solution’s TWC-78-2 twinaxial cable (Trompeter product line). It is RoHS compliant.

Tech Notes - Mounting: Jack is fed from the rear of the panel to the front, and secured via washer. Tooling: The center contact is high (positive) connected to the twinax blue wire and the cylindrical contact is low (negative) connected to the twinax white wire. The connector body is tied to the cable shield.