CD5-8 Trompeter Twinaxial Bushing/Shield Crimp Die Set (Y778) for M22520/5-01

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The CD5-8 (Daniels Y778 equivalent) black crimp die set has one 0.344 inch hex crimp slot and one 0.263 inch shield crimp (when closed). This tool is used to crimp body housings for 70 series TRB (70C, PLR70C) and 150 series TRS & TTM (PLR155AC, large body 150AC) 2-slot/lug, 3-slot/lug, and threaded connectors. Twinaxial cable groups for these connectors must include 201-225. This die set requires Cinch Connectivity Solution’s M22520/5-01 bushing/shield crimp tool handle.