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FULL CRIMP MINI BNC 735A PLUG 75 OHM DS3 - PART# 10-03003-205 

Our new Telco mini BNC connector was specially designed for Telco DS3 central office applications and to allow a higher number of connectors/assemblies to be installed in a given area. The new mini BNC shares the same positive attributes as our popular full-size Telco BNC, with the only difference being a smaller footprint. What about tooling? No need to retool and retrain installation staff. The new mini BNC can be terminated with the same tooling you already have for our full-size BNC 180 degree straight Mini BNC plug for 735A. During installation, the 75 OHM center pin becomes captive when pushed into the teflon dielectric inside the plug's body, preventing the coaxial cable's center conductor from withdrawing from the connector during normal contraction. 

  • True 75 Ohm Mini BNC
  • Cable:735A
  • Crimp sleeve: Hex .178
  • Telco Central Office DS3
  • Gold plated center pin
  • Teflon securely captivates pin
  • Machined, nickel-plated body


  • Impedence: 75 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: Tested to 3 GHz
  • Working Voltage: 500 VRMS

  • Use Telco CO Termination Kit 40-50176
  • Use 12 PT Crimper 40-15005, Corex Cable Stripper 40-11209, Crimper 40-13204.
  • Cable strip dimensions: 0.327" (braid), 0.146" (dielectric), 0.158" (center conductor).

  • Revised 1/10