Wall Plates-Jacks-Panels

Wall Plates

Combine voice, data, audio and video in one compact wall plate.  Surface mount and recessed, stainless stell and Decora.  MilesTek has all of the options.

Jacks and Modules

MilesTek offers the complete range of Jack and Module products.  CAT 5E, CAT6E, CAT6A, RCA 110 Modules, Feedthroughs and F-Type modules.  All standards and “hard to find” units are available.


CAT5E and CAT6E panels and patch bays for multimedia distribution.

Wiring Blocks

110 Wiring block, CAT5E Phone connecting block and Type 66 connecting blocks designed for rapid installation of key telephone systems, PBX systems, cables, and other low voltage terminal equipment.

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