Analog AV

  1. 3.5 mm Stereo Cables

    3.5 mm stereo audio patch cords extend the length of computer and stereo speaker cables. Milestek offers both Male-to-Male and Male-to-Female versions.  Select cables are available in lengths up to 50 feet!

  2. Audio + Video Cables

    These cables are the right choice for connecting your VCR, DVD, TV and other audio/video equipment to your TV or receiver.High-quality video-grade RCA cables with gold-plated connectors have color-coded identification bands to make installation a breeze.

  3. Audio Cables

    MilesTek offers male and female audio cables in both RCA and 3.5mm-stereo (headphone jack) varieties.  This category also contains 3.5mm-stereo-to-RCA cables designed to maximize your options when it comes to connecting audio devices.

  4. Component Video Cables

    This high-grade, professional analog cable will provide excellent conductivity and signal quality. MilesTek carries both 3-cable (YPbPr) and 5-cable (YPbPr+Audio) solutions, and each assembly is color-coded and labeled for your convenience.

  5. Composite Video Cables

    Composite video assemblies carry all picture information on a single analog cable.  MilesTek offers both BNC and RCA cable assemblies for professional and home use.

  6. S-Video Cables

    MilesTek's low-loss fully-molded S-video cables provide a two-channel, one-cable solution for analog video applications.  This category also contains bi-directional Composite-to-S-Video converters.