PC RJ45 to HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender ConverterHow many different output connections does your personal computer or laptop have?  Yours might be a little older, and perhaps it does not have the most modern connections available.  Even if it does, sometimes it seems like you’re preparing for an expedition into the unknown because of all the different equipment and cabling you have to take along for your presentation.

MilesTek’s newest HDMI/VGA converter helps you solve that problem.  It simply connects to your PC’s Ethernet port using a standard CAT5E/CAT6 cable.  Here are some additional benefits this product offers:

  • Connect from distances up 328 feet/100 meters away
  • Outputs for both HDMI & VGA display
  • Peripheral support – 2 USB ports for PC devices such as a keyboard and mouse
  • Multiple remote users connected to the same network can access a single displa
  • Easy-to-install software driver included
  • Supports HD 1080p (1920×1080) resolution

With the PC RJ45 to HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender Converter, you do not need to know what type of output you are going to need as it provides outputs for either HDMI or VGA for display.  It also offers the flexibility of displaying both VGA and HDMI, but you will need to purchase separate converters if you want to display both at the same time.

How to Connect & Use the PC RJ45 to HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender Converter

One of the primary benefits of this product is the great ease with which you can install it.  Here are the simple steps to follow:

  •  Make sure you have the device on the display end of the network
  •  Install the included software driver on the PC you would like to act as the remote display
  • Connect the display PC directly to the converter
  • Connect one end of a CAT5E/CAT6 Ethernet cable to your network
  • Connect the other end to the PC where you would like to view the display

That’s it – it really is that easy, as most of the work lies in how your network is already set up.  In most cases, all you have to do is install the driver and connect the Ethernet cable, which is a very simple process to follow.

PC RJ45 HDMI VGA Over LAN Extender Converter setup

Now, you can allow any number of users across your network to access the remote display on your PC regardless of the output. The possibilities are endless!

hdmi over fiberIn a recent MilesTek customer survey, we received some feedback that HDMI over fiber technology would fit the application needs of some of our customers.  However, we want to determine the true extent of this need.  It is our goal at MilesTek to continue to effectively serve all of our customer’s Audio Video distribution and MIL-STD-1553B needs by staying on top and ahead of all industry trends, so we’re trying to determine if HDMI over fiber solutions would meet the needs of a larger selection of customers.

For most businesses, HDMI continues to be the preferred video technology because of its incredible quality.  If you still aren’t sure whether or not this technology provides an appropriate solution for your business, consider what you can do with the latest HDMI connectivity solutions:

  • Distribute HDMI over long distances – 1,600 meters @ 1080i resolution/800 meters @ 1080p
  • Use cost-effective and commonly available fiber optic cables
  • Experience zero signal degradation, even over very long distances
  • Fully digital transmission
  • Never experience the electromagnetic interference found in CAT5E/CAT6 copper cabling
  • Compatible with 7.1 channel audio

We will have HDMI over fiber products in stock soon!

If you are interested in ordering HDMI over Fiber solutions, contact Mike Guidry, Director of Marketing/AV Distribution Product Manager at mguidry@milestek.com or 940-783-4834.

Thanks ahead of time for your valuable feedback, and we look forward to providing you with all the quality, cost-effective connectivity solutions you need!

When you first read this article title, you might be tempted to think, “It doesn’t take a technical mastermind to do this.”  And in most cases, you’re right.  But many times, technology comes up with its own quirks that make the simplest of processes completely infuriating.  In the ideal world, you simply purchase an HDMI cable, connect it to the PC and TV, and then you’re good to go.  But, in case you run into those irritating and unexpected quirks, here is a more detailed process to follow:

  • Make sure your PC has an HDMI port. Check to make sure your TV has at least one too.  Just about all televisions, since they are HD, and PCs manufactured within the last several years have HDMI ports, so this step shouldn’t be a large obstacle for you.
  • HDMI cablesBuy an HDMI cable. MilesTek offers HDMI cables in various lengths that are backwards compatible to older HDMI versions, and support up to 4K x 2K and 1080p Video Resolutions.
  • Plug the cable in to the TV and laptop. Once you have the HDMI cable properly plugged into the PC or laptop, switch to the correct input channel.  In some cases, your laptop will automatically set the process up and you’ll see a picture right away.  In most cases, however, the screen will be blank.  Don’t worry about that yet.
  • Configure your PC. Most of the time, Windows ignores the HDMI port when you plug something in.  Given that we’re in the age of plug’n’play, this seems a little weird, but it’s the way things work.  To resolve this issue, go to the control panel and choose “adjust screen resolution.”

You will note two different displays, one which appears to be disabled.  Click on the disabled monitor, and appropriately allow the PC to send and receive a signal on the HDMI cable.  You should now see the same thing on your computer display and HDTV.pc to hdmi tv

Whew – well maybe that wasn’t so bad after all.  But, at least now you know the process a little better so you can handle any unexpected quirks.  Now it’s time for the really hard part – deciding what to watch!

GodzillatronFootball season is here, and in many parts of the country, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s especially true here in North Texas — home to the MilesTek headquarters and a culture that prefers to watch its football on big, big screen TVs.

Just look at the 38-foot-wide high-definition video screen that was built as part of the dazzling new $60 million dollar high school football stadium built in nearby Allen, Texas. Allen is hardly alone in the race for high school high-def: The tiny East Texas town of Carthage, Texas, added a 1,200 square-foot high-def video screen this year — the largest in prep sports — for a measly cost of $750,000. Both schools might just be taking cues from the University of Texas, whose “Godzillatron” video screen was briefly the largest in the world when it opened in 2006. Friday night football, like all types of football, is simply better when it’s blown up and in sparkling definition.

Here at MilesTek, we offer a wide range of audio/video distribution solutions that can take your game-watching experience to another level. Even if you’ll be doing the bulk of your big game watching this year either at home or at, say, a sports bar or a restaurant, the right setup can make you feel like you’re just a few rows up from the sidelines.

For example, for bar or restaurant owners, our HDMI splitters make it easy to distribute HDMI signal from one source to multiple displays — without losing video or sound quality. This allows them to show the big game on a higher number of TVs, and it gives them more design and setup flexibility. For larger spaces, our HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6 extenders make it possible to run HDMI signals up to 330 feet from an HDTV source — at a fraction of the cost of long-distance HDMI cables.

Or let’s say you prefer your football on your couch, with the remote in your hand and complete control over the gameday experience (well, how it looks and sounds, at least — we can’t do anything to affect what happens on the field). Several of our connectivity solutions, including HDMI switches, HDMI cables, and wall mounts and other racks, can enhance your entertainment setup at an affordable cost.

Quiet Blower PanelsSick of the heat already this summer? Take an HDTV, a Blu-ray player, a sleek stereo system and, say, a video game system or two, crank up the air conditioning, and hunker down inside until the sun is long gone again.

The advanced modern entertainment systems stacking up in all of our living rooms make it easier than ever to while away a long, hot summer day in the air conditioning. But the more fancy equipment you have plugged in, the more heat your entertainment center will emit, undermining your cunning plan to beat the heat.

That’s where MilesTek comes in. Our brand new Quiet Blower Panels balance the heat created by your devices with cool air blown in proportion to the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. That way, it’s only blowing as fast as it needs to and will subdue any heat load without wasting any extra power.

And you’ll never hear it running, even at full speed. With a pair of custom design blowers, this fan operates smoothly and silently to protect your machinery from overheating. So whether you’re napping, working or playing, you won’t be disturbed by noisy fan blades. It’s quiet — and discrete.

Designed to blend in with small rack systems and credenzas, our Quiet Blower Panel 220V in flat black gives a sleek finish to any setup without adding any awkward bulk or clutter to your home. Putting the fan into small, unobtrusive spaces also won’t hurt its performance because the system’s proprietary blowers and superior to axial fans assure a maintained airflow, even in crowded conditions.

The Quiet Blower Panel 2 is just one of several racks and enclosures we’re proud to offer, including cooling fans and fan panels, rack accessories (such as ladders, blank panels and rack screws), and cabinets (including server cabinets, portable cabinets and wall mount cabinets).

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a visual upgrade that’s here to stay. Most audio and video connections in home entertainment centers and commercial setups are HDMI-compliant these days. And why not? With HDMI, you get a sharper, clearer picture and sound from high definition, enhanced signals.

HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender SetThe only problem is that normal HDMI lines are usually limited in how far they can stretch (the maximum is typically somewhere around 50 feet) before the signals lose quality or become cost-ineffective. But with our new HDMI Over Dual CAT5E/CAT6 3D Bi-Directional IR Active Extender Balun sets, you can add an extra 196 feet to the normal cable length — and do it using cheaper CAT5E/CAT6 cables.

In other words, our set allows you to extend your HDMI signal by a significant amount without having to worry about signal loss, image instability, or blinking screens interrupting your viewing experience.

Just think of all the ways this could be useful. A longer line will give you greater mobility with your equipment in both home use and professional video presentations, and the use of cheaper CAT5E/CAT6 cables instead of the usual HDMI cables will give you a great picture without the extra expense.

Here are a few other things you should know about our HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets:

  • It supports 1080p @ 60Hz for 130 feet, and 1080i/720p @ 60Hz for 196 feet
  • An embedded bi-directional infrared control path lets you control the display remotely.
  • It features EDID learning capability.
  • Single-end power that can go on either the transmitter or receiver side.
  • The kit also includes a transmitter and receiver balun, infrared transmitter and receiver cables, mounting screws, and a universal locking power adapter.

If you are looking for a way to keep your high-quality picture while extending it over a much longer distance, our HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 3D Bi-Directional IR Active Extender Balun Set is what you need.

USB to HDMI converterWe know the feeling: You just spent six months backpacking the Annapurna trek in Nepal. You have 9,000 photos on your computer and firm intentions to show every last one of them to your buddies. But doing so on 12-inch computer monitor screen wouldn’t do them justice, nor would that weak, low-definition projector you found to plug into your USB port. You’ve got a state-of-the art HDTV 10 feet away, but no way to get the photos to show up on it.

We’re here to help. Check out our new USB to HDMI converter.

Basically, this product can convert (as you might guess) any USB port on your PC into an HDMI port without requiring any kind of special technical knowledge. All you have to do is plug it in, connect your HDMI cable and device, and start enjoying your high-definition content. It’s incredibly easy.

The applications of this converter are endless. Just think of all the computer-based content you’d rather view on an HDTV:

  • Watch online videos, shows and movies on a larger, high-definition screen.
  • Work at home or in the office more comfortably without straining your eyes.
  • Project presentations onto a larger screen with high-quality picture.

Because our USB to HDMI converters are compatible with HDTVs, projectors and CRT or LCD monitors, you can use it in virtually every scenario – whether it’s impressing the boss at work with your high-tech slideshow or enjoying a relaxing movie at home. It’s easy to install and is powered by the USB itself, so no extra power adapters or equipment are needed. It’s also capable of mirroring or extending your computer’s display, and it supports both standard and wide-screen pictures.

If you find yourself needing to swap your computer display for an HDTV display, call our AV distribution or USB distribution experts today. We also offer a variety of coaxial, networking and cable management solutions.

If you’re lucky, that loud thud you just heard on your front doorstep is our new 88-page Spring-Summer 2012 catalog.

MilesTek Spring/Summer 2012 AV & Networking Products Catalog

That’s 88 pages packed with industry-leading solutions for just about any connectivity problem imaginable. The new catalog features a bevy of innovative new electronic components, gizmos and gadgets — more than 50 new products overall — including:

Each product is affordably priced at a level you won’t find anywhere else in the industry (order online, however, and you’ll save an extra 5 percent.)

Combining cutting-edge design and craftsmanship with prices that won’t break the bank has been our commitment for more than 30 years. For a diverse range of professions from the IT/networking, education, broadcast, telecom, and other industries worldwide, the new catalog simply carries on this proud tradition.

Tired of your printer taking forever to pick up a job? Save yourself the time and frustration of waiting on slow connections with our new USB 2.0 Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets. They will not only improve your computer experience, but they’ll do it more cheaply and efficiently — saving you money all the while.

The active extender sets basically give you a way to extend the transmission distance from your USB device by 330 feet while retaining high-definition and high-speed transmission signals — all with a single CAT5E/CAT6 cable. These sets support full-speed or low-speed USB devices up to 480 Mbps USB 2.0 specifications, and are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems (although please note: this product is not compatible with Mac computers).

In other words, this extension system allows high-speed data transmission from your USB device to peripheral devices (like printers or scanners) through common CAT5E and CAT6 cables, which are relatively cheap and capable of maintaining high performance quality over long distances. Thanks to smaller cable size and end connectors, CAT5E and CAT6 cables are not only cheaper, but they’re also easier to install than bulkier cable types.

So think of all the ways these extender sets can help save you time and energy:

  • Quicker printing without loss in signal or performance
  • Faster processing time for scanned documents
  • Increased distance between devices gives you greater mobility
  • Flexibility from compatibility with a variety of devices

If you’re looking for superior performance over long distances, our USB 2.0 Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets are the best choice for you. Here are a few more things you should know about them:

  • Include recommended 1 foot USB cable for transmitter side
  • Software driver and AC/DC 5V 2A power adapter come with it
  • Ideal for USB peripheral extension, industrial control, security and digital signage
  • Fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification and compatible with USB hubs

All of our USB over CAT5 solutions are popular for the flexibility and customization they provide. This active extender system is just one more example of how our products can make life easier.

jack terminator tool kitsCut down the time and effort it takes to terminate communication cables into standard wall jacks — all with one tool. Our new jack terminator tool kits were created with your unique needs in mind.

With kits specifically designed for MilesTek, HellermannTyton, and Leviton CAT5E/CAT6 jacks, we offer our customers a quick and easy way to get the job done in fewer steps. In one swift action, this tool lets you terminate four pairs of wires while trimming the excess wire using built-in blades, thus eliminating the need for an extra trimming step while giving you professional, quality results.

Here at MilesTek, we make our terminators with high-grade, hardened steel frames and rubber-embedded handles to combine long-lasting durability and user comfort into a tool that’s guaranteed to offer superior performance.

Here are just a few of the other features our high-grade jack terminator kits include:

  • Ratcheted action that ensures proper, consistent termination
  • Adjustment feature that allows adaptability for extra leverage applications
  • Elimination of the need for other tools with quick-change punch sets
  • Removable jack cradles providing alternate lacing option

And, as an added bonus, we’ll throw in a lifetime warranty for the jack terminator tool kits’ crimper frames.

Our jack terminator tool kits are just a few of the many new products we’re putting out this year. Be sure to check out our latest items — including our brand new active extender sets, switch over sets, and display converters — in the new products section of our website.

At MilesTek, we are committed to bringing our customers the best tools in the field and offering quality assistance to get you the products that best suit your needs. Our manufacturing facility in Denton, Texas, is staffed by highly skilled technicians dedicated to delivering your tools in a timely fashion. We’ll get you what you need.