In the modern world, it’s common to see a home theater set up in one room and a few other TVs in just one home —and while that makes for a lot of entertainment, watching TV can get pretty complicated, especially when your kids want to watch Netflix.  But with the 4×4 Matrix Switch, that’s all about to change.

The HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch allows you to hook up to 4 inputs with 4 additional outputs, and that means you can have one set up for all of your equipment (like your Xbox, Blu-ray Player, Wii, and Sound System) in your home theater.  With this extender system, you can easily play any of your devices with up to 4 output systems in your house.

Gone are the days of skipping the game to let your kids watch a movie, lugging your DVD player from room to room and purchasing an individual DVD player for each TV.  Now, you can watch the big game in your home theater while your little kids watch a movie in their room, and your teenager battles villains on the XBOX—all from the same system.


  • Supports High Definition for all of Your Connected Devices
  • Supports 24 Bit Color Depth
  • Optimizes Transmission Quality
  • Several Switching Modes (for various remote controls or a universal control)
  • Protects against electrostatic discharge

Maximize Your Entertainment

It’s time to step forward into the future—so buy your own HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch today, and transform your home theater into a system of entertainment for your whole house.


The costs of any type of cabling add up, especially when you are trying to wire something as large as an auditorium or even something smaller like a conference room. The HDMI Over Single Coax RG6 SDI Extender is great for upgrading your video systems to fully digital platforms whether you have new or existing RG6 or SDI coax cords. The system lets signals from two input sources be transmitted to one remote display. With the cascade port on both the transmitter and receiver, you can have numerous remote receivers that all respond to one unit. The HDMI Over Single Coax RG6 SDI Extender can add up to 400 ft. for a 1080p resolution signal and up to 1,000 ft. for an SD-SDI signal.

Technological Specifications Include: 

  • HDMI Over Single Coax RG6 SDI ExtenderEnhancing high definition HDM compliant devices up to 400 ft. with RG6 dual or quad shield CATV broadband coax
  •  Working with HDMI 1.3c and HDCP compliant devices
  • Supporting SD signal up to 1000 ft., HD signal up to 660 ft., and 3G signal up to 330 ft. for SDI signal distances
  • Compatibility for HDMI 1.3c and HDCP compliant devices
  • Supporting resolutions 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p and 1080i/p at 24-60Hz
  •  A frequency bandwidth of 225MHz/link (HDMI 1.3)
  • Ability to convert from SMPTE 425M level B to Level A for 1080p 50/59.94/60 4:2:2 10-bit
  • A Video amplifier speed of 10.2 Gbps and bandwidth of 340MHz

Important Points to Keep in Mind

Sorry, the HDMI Over Single Coax RG6 SDI Extender is not 3D compatible or compatible with RF splitters, or RF-to-BNC connector adapters. It also can only support a screen ratio of 16:9.

On the bright side, this set comes with two 5V power adapters, a remote control, and you can also order additional receiver units (part #90-12025)! Even better, it has an automatic video mode detection.

You need to make sure that the ends of the coax cable are finished with the right BNC connectors. The coax should also be a 75-ohm broadband cable.

If you don’t have the money to spend on feet upon feet of HDMI cable, the HDMI Over Signal Coax RG6 SDI Extender is your budget-friendly alternative that keeps your projects and displays looking professional.




For over 30 years, MilesTek has been your one-stop shop for MIL-STD-1553B bus couplers, terminators, cable assemblies and additional interconnect.

We believe that “flexibility is the key to airpower”, so we will accommodate small and large volume production runs as well as special requests and custom designs. MilesTek understands “mission critical” so you can always count on quick RFQ turnovers, bus coupler designs, and production timelines. Don’t forget to order cable assemblies, terminators, dust caps and other accessories. Stock items can ship same day.

Popular MIL-STD-1553B Products We Carry

data bus couplersData Bus Couplers - MilesTek provides the most complete line of data bus couplers for MIL-STD 1553B, including box-style and in-line coupler designs. Configurations include one through eight stub box style couplers, one through four stub inline couplers and bus couplers kits.

terminatorsTerminators - Bus terminators (78 ohm) are used at the end of each bus. Stub terminators (1000-3000 ohm) are used to simulate a future load from an unspecified device. Alternate terminators are available for laboratory use.

bus & stub cablesBus & Stub Cables - MilesTek offers complete cable assemblies for data bus applications. Cable assemblies are built with standard and high-temperature twinaxial cable, standard plugs and right-angle plugs, solder/ clamp or full crimp design, with or without bend reliefs, and bus scope test cables.

bus & scope test cablesBus & Scope Test Cables  - Standard test cable assemblies are designed for implementation in laboratories and testing facilities by MilesTek. We also specialize in custom lengths for each assembly leg upon request.

Call us today at 940.484.9400 or email us at

VIDEO TO HDMI CONVERTER SCALER SWITCHERWith the advancement of technology on a regular basis, it’s simple to get stuck in a difficult situation with your A/V equipment. Whether the equipment is still working perfectly but not of high quality output or you have devices with multi-formatted outputs and you’re not sure how to integrate them onto the same system, MilesTek HDMI Converters have some great options to solve all of your problems at once.

The All Video to HDMI Scaler Switcher, Part #90-12019 allows for the conversion of up to 11 multi-format inputs to 2 HDMI outputs—this will allow you to convert your entire spectrum of A/V equipment and allow for HDMI streaming and output. You’ll never have realized how powerful your equipment was before viewing in HD.

Whether you’re looking to convert high-end conference and office equipment to HD signals, your gaming consoles or your DVD players and projectors, the All Video to HDMI Scaler Switcher will be your ace in the hole!

All Video to HDMI Converter Scaler Switcher Technological Specifications Include:

  • Allowing upscaling and switching from standard definition/high definition sources to resolutions of 720p or 1080p
  • The ability to buffer, amplify, and equalize the signal to ensure optimum transmission and reception over the length of the cable run
  • A detached audio output by L/R and optical
  • Delivers uncompressed digital video with absolutely no signal loss
  • Additional remote control function with RS232 connectivity

Uses for the All Video to HDMI Converter Scaler Switcher

We’re constantly in a race to update our electronics as newer, more advanced technology hits the marketplace. We know that it’d be expensive and impractical to replace all of the components at once. Even just 3 years could completely change the tune of high definition output as we know it today, and we’re going to need a device to help us adapt with the times and move forward, technologically.

This All Video to HDMI Converter Scaler Switcher will allow you the opportunity to convert all of your devices, regardless of output type, to one centralized high definition output—using just the one converter!

Important Points to Keep in Mind

The following is a rundown of the input types that are supported with this HDMI Converter:

  • 1 x VGA Source
  • 1 x S-Video Source
  • 2 x Composite AV Sources with stereo audio
  • 2 x Component Sources with analog audio
  • 4 x HDMI Sources (with 1 supporting 5.1 multichannel digital audio0
  • 1 x DVI-I Source with analog audio and digital audio via optical

Military & Aerospace CatalogeMilesTek has made it simpler than ever to not only view the products you need online, but also access information about certain products through the Military & Aerospace Solutions Catalogue. This catalogue features most of the pieces necessary to create solutions to your communications needs.

This easy-to-navigate informational catalog groups MilesTek products up by type, making it simple to compare the differences and similarities between certain cables, assemblies, connectors, switches and more.

The informational sections provide you with more information about each product, and the pages include QR codes allowing readers to view pertinent information from any of their mobile devices.

Products Featured in the Catalog

MilesTek features an array of connectivity solutions throughout the Mil-Aero 2013 Catalog. This 25th edition allows readers to compare and order the following types of products:

All of the materials available in the MilesTek Mil-Aero 2013 catalog are superior products intended to solve all of your connectivity needs. Full color diagrams and photos give you a great idea of what you’re ordering so there is no doubt in your mind that you’re purchasing the proper items.

Reference Concepts & Considerations are a Great Bonus

The reference concepts and considerations in the catalog make it extremely worthwhile. MilesTek provides professionals with ideas on proper wiring schemes, diagrams and product comparisons.

Have you ever wondered what year the digital data bus was designed? Find the answer on page 46.

Not only is the reference section great for visual learners, but it also describes cable types and connector types, bus length considerations, waveform characteristics at varying distance, and requirements for data bus systems. The wealth of information is essential for anyone in the field.

Check out the 2013 MilesTek Military & Aerospace catalog today for all of your connectivity needs. From devices, to suggestions and even a reference guide, you’ll certainly be equipped to tackle all of your connectivity projects.

In 2013, HDMI is the global standard for connecting high-definition audio and visual equipment. Not only is HDMI technology built on a completely digital interface, it’s much more intelligent than standard definition equipment and offers consumers unsurpassed quality and ease of use.

If you’re at the point where you’re not quite ready to give up your standard hardware, but want the high quality output that HDMI has to offer, it’s in your best interest to consider an HDMI converter.

MilesTek offers an array of HDMI converters to cater to your needs. Check out all of the solutions below!

Products currently offered to fit your needs & budget

VGA TO HDMI CONVERTER SCALERThe VGA to HDMI converter is designed to take the video and audio signal from a PC or Laptop and upscale it to digital HDMI output for a wide-range of HDTV and PC resolutions, up to 1080p. This converter is great for connecting the VGA video output of your computer or media server and integrating it into a new digital HDMI application.

PC RJ45 TO HDMI/VGA OVER LAN EXTENDER CONVERTERThe Composite Video S-Video to HDMI Converter Scaler is another great option in HDMI converters. The RCA Composite video and S-video to HDMI Scaler converts both Composite Video or S-Video as input and converts it to HDMI. It allows older analog devices to be integrated into your HD home theater system.

HDMI AUDIO EXTRACTOR CONVERTERFor solutions in converting HDMI Audio, check out the HDMI Audio Extractor Converter. This device simply extracts and converts audio signals from an HDMI source and simultaneously outputs up to 1080p resolution HDMI video to display and to coaxial digital and stereo 3.5mm analog audio signals, or to external speakers or sound systems.

PC RJ45 TO HDMI/VGA OVER LAN EXTENDER CONVERTERThe PC RJ45 To HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender/Converter is a great solution to your HDMI needs through your PC.  You can directly connect the converter to your PCs RJ45 Ethernet port with standard CAT5E/CAT6 cabling.  The signal works well from 328ft/100m away, but must be run through a switch/router first.  You also get two outputs for both HDMI and VGA display and two USB ports for your keyboard and mouse.

MilesTek HDMI Converters are Great for Business or Professional Use

Whether you’re in the market for an HDMI Converter for home or the office, MilesTek offers an array of HDMI Converters to fit your needs. Check out the offering of HDMI Converters today!


MilesTek Introduces Quick Connect AV Cables

Do you feel that it’s time consuming and overly annoying to unscrew and fidget with various cables when you need to recreate your cabling system in a hurry? Your AV needs can change in a hurry—especially with solutions being created and released on a daily basis. Discover the simplicity of using Quick Connect AV Cables.

Not only are there many benefits of using a Quick Connect AV Cabling system, but there are many different quick-connect options to satisfy your digital connections, HDMI, VGA, and Component Cable systems. Also, check out the components of the three part quick-connect system!

Benefits of Utilizing Quick Connect AV Cables

It’s important to update your AV equipment on a regular basis. Quick Connect cables make it a breeze to change out your AV equipment at your leisure by allowing you the ability to connect a simple AV Pigtail cable to accommodate the appropriate application that’s needed.

In addition to the ease of the system, it can save you time and money not having to crimp, compress or solder your wires together in order to get the perfect AV Connection.

Other benefits include:

  • The ability to make fast and easy technological upgrades
  • The ability to save time and money on your AV Connection system
  • The ability to utilize secure, locking Din 14 or 19-pin connections to provide consistent delivery of AV signals
  • The ability to use quick connect AV cables for signal options including VGA, Composite and Component Video and HDMI and DVI digital solutions.

Check out the Quick Connect AV Cable Options

MilesTek is your one-stop-shop for any and all options regarding Quick-Connect AV Cables. Not only can you find solutions regarding Quick Connect VGA & PC Options, Quick-Connect Component & Composite Options, and Quick Connect Digital Options, but you can also find top-of-the-line options for your Quick-Connect home or office integration.

The Three Part Quick Connect System

The three part quick connect system is a relatively simple concept. You can start with an AV wall plate, allowing you the ability to use your quick connect cables directly from product to wall. There are a number of AV Pigtail options allowing you the ease of fitting these quick-connect cables on all of your digital AV devices, and lastly you have the option of using basic run cables. Check out the Quick Pull Diagram for a simple showcase of how these Quick Connect AV Cables work!

Society is stuck in a difficult place at the moment: while HD is becoming integrated into technology, we still have a plethora of items that aren’t typically broadcasting an HD picture. We know it’s not practical to get rid of our devices that are just a couple of years old, especially if we enjoy them regularly. What’s the solution?

The Component Video RGB to HDMI Converter (Part Number: 90-12012) is your answer. Unlike other HDMI converters, the component video to HDMI converter transforms component video and Audio R/L or SPDIF signal to an HDMI output. From your gaming consoles—like the Wii, PS2, and the Xbox—to DVD players and projectors, this component video to HDMI converter can enhance your viewing from all of the products you own and love.

Not only does this component video to HDMI converter converts your obsolete devices to work with newer technology, but it can extend the HDMI signal a maximum distance of 15 meters allowing you the versatility to set up your home theater any way you’d like.

Component Video to HDMI Converter

Technological specifications include:

  • Compliant with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP
  • Input Component Video: 480P@60Hz, 576P@50Hz, 720P@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz
  • Output HDMI: 480P@60Hz, 576P@50Hz,720P@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz
  • Supports SPDIF digital 5.1 audio
  • Maximum Signal Transmission Distance: 49.5 ft (15 meters)

Uses for the Component Video to HDMI Converter

Many newer, higher resolution televisions hitting the market don’t have the same technology as televisions being manufactured just 5 years ago. With this in mind, many of your older devices—gaming consoles, DVD players, projectors and the like—won’t work with the newer televisions.

This component video to HDMI converter can help you integrate all of your devices on the same new, high-resolution television or HD Monitor.

Other Important Points to Keep in Mind

The Component Video RGB to HDMI Converter is purely for the conversion of one video format to the other—not to convert the input/output video resolutions. While it doesn’t increase the resolution, it will help you integrate all of your devices in one home theater or onto one television.  It’s an unbelievably helpful product at an affordable, competitive price.

Video conferencing is gaining popularity in the corporate marketplace. Allowing employees and management the flexibility to collaborate simply, HD Video Conferencing provides a meeting experience where you feel like you’re in the same room as the individual(s) you’re conferencing with.

With a slew of state-of-the-art features, HD Video Conferencing is the best way to correspond with remote employees and offices. While the picture quality is unsurpassed, “VU Telepresence is a smarter way to conduct meetings, reviews, interviews, and other business-related events, without the cost and hassle of travel. More than a business solution, VU is the experience of meeting people across the globe using the latest in telecommunication technology, yet feeling as if they were sitting across the table from you.”

Technological Specifications include:

  • Dual-Display video conferencing capability
  • AV cart compatible
  • WebVU
  • Transport ready
  • Easy set-up
  • Screen + document-sharing

Uses for HD Video Conferencing

HD video conferencing is an important piece of the global marketplace. Allowing businesses to integrate employees all over the world, it’s not financially sound to fly these employees in every time a business meeting takes place. Instead, an increasing number of corporations are utilizing HD video conferencing for brainstorming sessions, to relay important company policy and meet with remote employees on a regular basis.

Other Important Points to Keep in Mind

At the 2013 AVI-SPL Global Sales Meeting held in Tampa, FL, HD Video Conferencing devices were a key point in many of the weekend’s seminars and product showcases. While the HD aspect is a fairly new concept, many vendors and manufacturers are promoting the ease, affordability, and flexibility of remote videoconferencing.

MilesTek HD Video Conferencing Telepresence offers a 1080P HD system or a 720P HD system to accommodate your budget. Both systems feature a low bandwidth requirement, telepresence with full HD capability and multi-party conferencing with up to 4 additional parties. This ready-to-use plug and play solution to HD Videoconferencing must be ordered by phone, but more information on each system can be found on the MilesTek website.

If you believe your business will benefit from HD Video Conferencing, click for more information on the 1080P HD Video Conferencing System or the 720P HD Video Conferencing System.

The VGA Audio and Video Extender is a great tool to enhance the viewing capabilities of any media you have in mind. From professional presentations, to video demonstrations and cutting-edge media, this technology was made to extend the functionality of products that you currently know and use.

This extender increases the range of your audio and video up to 1,000 feet while supporting HD-quality video to the same range. The extender supports both analog and digital stereo/audio to work with products you own both old and new, and provides adjustable EQ, gain control, and a built-in mounting flange for simple permanence.


  • Supports up to WUXGA or UXGA resolution
  • Supports analog stereo and digital SPDIF audio
  • Includes transmitter, receiver and IR emitters
  • Includes universal 5V 2A, 100v-240v power adapters
  • Infra Red Frequency of 38KHz
  • FCC, CE and ROHS Compliance

Uses for VGA Extender

AV over CAT5E/CAT6 extenders are generally designed to work directly from the original source—either your laptop, a Blu-ray or DVD player, cable box—to the display or HDTV to bring you the best quality picture available. This top-of-the-line extender acts as a transmitter module, providing a pass-thru video port to connect your audio/video to a local monitor. In addition to its primary function, this CAT5E/CAT6 extender supports stereo and digital audio as well as half-duplex RS-232 serial and bi-directional IR pass-thru control signals. The pricing is unbelievably reasonable and the device caries a video bandwidth of 350 Mhz.

Other Important Points to Keep in Mind

The VGA RS232 IR Audio over CAT5E/CAT6 Extender, Part Number 90-12120 is perfect for extending the range of audio and video on any of your devices—from computers to DVD/Blu-ray players, projectors and more. It is recommended that a single, solid conductor CAT5E/CAT 6 bulk cable be installed in order to get the best quality signal from device to display. When cabling is broken up through wall plate jacks and panels, the signal has a tendency to get distorted.

If you believe your business or operation will benefit from using this product, order the VGA RS232 IR Audio over CAT5E/CAT 6 Extender at this web page.