MilesTek offers a 10G solution with respect to cable and connectors.  Our solution utilizes a CAT6A UTP cable with 10G rated jacks.  Our offering includes:

•    CAT6A Cable
•    10G Patch Panels
•    10G RJ45 jacks
•    10G CAT6A patch cords

The solution is supported by the partnership of Leviton (panels/connectors) and Superior Essex (cable).  The details for the 10G CAT6A solution are as follows:

-    Guaranteed to exceed current draft TIA 568-B.2-10   10G requirements, with 4dB PSACR channel margins
-    Supports PoE enabled devices, 10/100/1000, and 10G Ethernet and IP based applications
-    Specially designed patch cords provide ultra-high protection against EMI and Alien Crosstalk without the need for grounding/bonding
-    Performance tested to 650MHZ

Their solution does carry a lifetime warranty if their products are used together to complete the 10G application.  MilesTek also offers assistance in product selection and system design for our customers.