Product Spotlight: Custom Cable Harnesses


Harness military cables

Each company has its own particular needs, and with the constant growth of technology, every company needs cable harnesses for something.  Whether you need many standard cables or a custom model, the experts at MilesTek are here to help you get the highest quality materials for your company.

Our Team

We have a team of in-house engineers with over 60 years of experience.  That means that we can optimize your custom cable harnesses to make them more economical and effective than our competition. Our technicians receive frequent training to ensure that we provide you with the best products for the best prices.

Our Product and Services

  • Some of the fastest shipping available
  • Employees who work with you to customize each cable harness to your specifications
  • Excellent inventory
  • Great deals for great prices
  • No minimum purchase on in stock items

A Trustworthy Brand

With MilesTek, you can rest assured that your products will come to you exactly the way you wanted them.  We work to maintain the trust of our clients by consistently providing superior service and products, and making customer satisfaction a priority.

Choosing MilesTek

Now is the time to take your company’s success into your only hands.  A good company is found in the basics, like custom cable harnesses, so by choosing MilesTek, you are choosing to put your company in the best hands.


Call us today and we can begin designing and producing the harnesses you need to keep your business running smoothly.



Do you have a business that requires you to present materials on more than one screen simultaneously? In the modern world, most meetings do, and that is where the HDMI Over IP LAN Ethernet Extender comes in to save the day.

This nifty piece of technology will allow you and your associates to send an HDMI 1.3 Signal to one or more HDMI displays through a CAT5E/CAT6 cable and over a standard managed Ethernet infrastructure, simultaneously.  It will also allow you to return an IR control signal to the source so you can manage each of these displays.


This extender is useful for many different needs, and is perfect for any situation that requires multiple displays:

  • Digital signage
  • Computer Presentations
  • Corporate
  • Other Commercial Applications


With our extender set you will receive a transmitter, receiver, AC power adapters and an HDMI cable. And because our units also come with IR send and receive control cables, you will be able to control the source from any of the displays.

Put Technology to Work

Use our extenders today to display your HD digital content over 300 feet from a single source to one or many via Ethernet switches (managed or unmanaged). You can also Daisy-chain Ethernet switches to maximize distance (up to 1300 feet) with excellent quality picture and sound.

So, don’t put it off.  Up your game by taking advantage of this technology for your next presentation!

We recently attended the InfoComm conference in Las Vegas, and we’ve taken away many positives from the experience.

InfoComm is an international audio visual show, targeted toward commercial applications (rather than residential). Attendees included small to large system integration/install firms, as well as IT and AV managers working directly with an end-user segment, such as a corporation, higher education, government, and healthcare.

Many new products were showcased this year, and MilesTek is proud to distribute many of them. This confirms our goal of keeping up with industry standards and AV technology.

Attendance was strong at this year’s conference, with many products being showcased, although there was nothing “earth shattering” as far as new technology being presented.

Distribution of HDMI and 4K x 2K Resolution

The main focus of this year’s show was on distribution of HDMI and 4K x 2K resolution. HDMI over IP was also emphasized, which allows for an extension through a LAN network of Ethernet switches/routers.

The other main product that was showcased was the HDBaseT, which allows extension of 4K x 2K resolution up to 330 FT or more. MilesTek should receive stock of our new HDBaseT extenders by the end of the month.

Other highlights included:

  • HD Video Conferencing products, allowing for better interactive collaboration
  • Digital signage creation and distribution systems
  • Large scale video matrix switching equipment—8×8 and larger, over CAT5E/CAT6
  • More and more platforms allowing AV system control and collaboration between smart phones and tablets

Check back with our technical blog regularly for the latest products and developments from MilesTek!

In the modern world, it’s common to see a home theater set up in one room and a few other TVs in just one home —and while that makes for a lot of entertainment, watching TV can get pretty complicated, especially when your kids want to watch Netflix.  But with the 4×4 Matrix Switch, that’s all about to change.

The HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch allows you to hook up to 4 inputs with 4 additional outputs, and that means you can have one set up for all of your equipment (like your Xbox, Blu-ray Player, Wii, and Sound System) in your home theater.  With this extender system, you can easily play any of your devices with up to 4 output systems in your house.

Gone are the days of skipping the game to let your kids watch a movie, lugging your DVD player from room to room and purchasing an individual DVD player for each TV.  Now, you can watch the big game in your home theater while your little kids watch a movie in their room, and your teenager battles villains on the XBOX—all from the same system.


  • Supports High Definition for all of Your Connected Devices
  • Supports 24 Bit Color Depth
  • Optimizes Transmission Quality
  • Several Switching Modes (for various remote controls or a universal control)
  • Protects against electrostatic discharge

Maximize Your Entertainment

It’s time to step forward into the future—so buy your own HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch today, and transform your home theater into a system of entertainment for your whole house.


hdmi over fiberIn a recent MilesTek customer survey, we received some feedback that HDMI over fiber technology would fit the application needs of some of our customers.  However, we want to determine the true extent of this need.  It is our goal at MilesTek to continue to effectively serve all of our customer’s Audio Video distribution and MIL-STD-1553B needs by staying on top and ahead of all industry trends, so we’re trying to determine if HDMI over fiber solutions would meet the needs of a larger selection of customers.

For most businesses, HDMI continues to be the preferred video technology because of its incredible quality.  If you still aren’t sure whether or not this technology provides an appropriate solution for your business, consider what you can do with the latest HDMI connectivity solutions:

  • Distribute HDMI over long distances – 1,600 meters @ 1080i resolution/800 meters @ 1080p
  • Use cost-effective and commonly available fiber optic cables
  • Experience zero signal degradation, even over very long distances
  • Fully digital transmission
  • Never experience the electromagnetic interference found in CAT5E/CAT6 copper cabling
  • Compatible with 7.1 channel audio

We will have HDMI over fiber products in stock soon!

If you are interested in ordering HDMI over Fiber solutions, contact Mike Guidry, Director of Marketing/AV Distribution Product Manager at or 940-783-4834.

Thanks ahead of time for your valuable feedback, and we look forward to providing you with all the quality, cost-effective connectivity solutions you need!

Quiet Blower PanelsSick of the heat already this summer? Take an HDTV, a Blu-ray player, a sleek stereo system and, say, a video game system or two, crank up the air conditioning, and hunker down inside until the sun is long gone again.

The advanced modern entertainment systems stacking up in all of our living rooms make it easier than ever to while away a long, hot summer day in the air conditioning. But the more fancy equipment you have plugged in, the more heat your entertainment center will emit, undermining your cunning plan to beat the heat.

That’s where MilesTek comes in. Our brand new Quiet Blower Panels balance the heat created by your devices with cool air blown in proportion to the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere. That way, it’s only blowing as fast as it needs to and will subdue any heat load without wasting any extra power.

And you’ll never hear it running, even at full speed. With a pair of custom design blowers, this fan operates smoothly and silently to protect your machinery from overheating. So whether you’re napping, working or playing, you won’t be disturbed by noisy fan blades. It’s quiet — and discrete.

Designed to blend in with small rack systems and credenzas, our Quiet Blower Panel 220V in flat black gives a sleek finish to any setup without adding any awkward bulk or clutter to your home. Putting the fan into small, unobtrusive spaces also won’t hurt its performance because the system’s proprietary blowers and superior to axial fans assure a maintained airflow, even in crowded conditions.

The Quiet Blower Panel 2 is just one of several racks and enclosures we’re proud to offer, including cooling fans and fan panels, rack accessories (such as ladders, blank panels and rack screws), and cabinets (including server cabinets, portable cabinets and wall mount cabinets).

If you’re lucky, that loud thud you just heard on your front doorstep is our new 88-page Spring-Summer 2012 catalog.

MilesTek Spring/Summer 2012 AV & Networking Products Catalog

That’s 88 pages packed with industry-leading solutions for just about any connectivity problem imaginable. The new catalog features a bevy of innovative new electronic components, gizmos and gadgets — more than 50 new products overall — including:

Each product is affordably priced at a level you won’t find anywhere else in the industry (order online, however, and you’ll save an extra 5 percent.)

Combining cutting-edge design and craftsmanship with prices that won’t break the bank has been our commitment for more than 30 years. For a diverse range of professions from the IT/networking, education, broadcast, telecom, and other industries worldwide, the new catalog simply carries on this proud tradition.

We’re confident that we sell among the best connectivity solutions anywhere in the military avionics and telemetry industries, including our diverse lines of custom harnesses and accessories, connectors and data bus couplers. But there’s nothing like a little bit of validation from one of the most demanding, high-performance companies on the planet and true pioneers of the commercial aerospace field.

Boeing Performance Excellence AwardSo here at MilesTek, we’re thrilled to announce — for the second time in four years – that we’ve been honored by the Boeing Corporation as a recipient of the 2011 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

The honor goes out each year to company suppliers who best maintain “superior supplier performance” throughout the previous year. From Oct. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30, 2011, we earned a “silver composite performance rating” for month after month through the entire performance period. The honor makes us eligible for Boeing’s “Supplier of the Year.”

According to the company:

Performance excellence is fundamental to the success of both our companies. Boeing extends its sincere congratulations to the employees of your company for demonstrating their dedication to the high performance standards necessary to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the global economy.

This is the third time to receive the honor. We last earned the award in 2009 for the custom wiring harnesses, connectors and cable assemblies we supplied to Boeing.

The high-demand, mission-critical nature of avionics requires cutting-edge connectivity solutions that are tough, reliable and innovative. We’re proud to offer industry-leading companies like Boeing a full range of such connectivity solutions, including MIL-STD-1553B devices and supporting equipment, Trompeter cables and connectors, and a deep catalog of cable assemblies.


The MilesTek Advantage: Three Keys


Here at MilesTek, our purpose is simply to make connectivity more effective and less expensive for our customers. To do this, we’re proud to provide a seemingly limitless range of cables, connectors and innovative connectivity combinations that give our customers both functionality and flexibility (for a fraction of the price).

We’ve identified three keys that make this possible:

In-House Design and Engineering

As sellers, our daily interactions with our diverse network of clients gives us an excellent view of the continual evolution of customer needs and technological demands. As designers and engineers, we can respond to new developments with unmatched speed. We can build to your prints, or revise your current designs in order to make them more effective or more cost-effective.

This approach applies to a wide variety of connectivity products, including:

In-House Manufacturing

Manufacturing affords us far greater oversight over both quality control and our rapid, on-time delivery capabilities. We’re based in Denton, Texas, an excellent place to call home and an ideal, centrally-located headquarters from which to respond to our customers’ needs.

But perhaps most importantly, in-house manufacturing allows our teams of innovative technicians to both come up with new conceptual solutions when emerging needs arise — both for evolving industry-wide trends and customer-specific needs — and make sure the solutions are practical and workable. In-house manufacturing also gives us one more capability needed to ensure that products get out the door quickly enough to meet customer deadlines.

Critical Experience

As multi-decade industry veterans, we’ve got both the experience and the expertise to make it all happen. We look at technology trends with a long view, and understand the nuances technological development. We’ll tell you if your product design will work, and we’ll tell you if we think it can be improved upon to be more effective, more reliable, or more cost-effective (or all of the above).

New AV devices. New racks and accesories. New connectivity solutions.

Our new Summer-Fall 2011 supplemental catalog is out, and its utterly bursting with a slew of new products that make A/V, coaxial, fiber optic and networking set ups easier, less expensive, and more flexible.

We’ve been committed to providing innovative connectivity solutions to corporate, systems integration, IT/networking, education and government professionals all over the world for more 30 years. But since technology is galloping ahead at an unprecedented pace, we’re constantly updating our offerings in order to stay ahead of the cutting edge.

For example, this summer’s catalog alone features 50 new products. In fact, it’s so large, so full of connectivity solutions for homes, schools, and businesses that this year we needed to split the catalog into two parts. In other words, it’s 72 pages of everything you need to succeed.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Part One: Intro, Voice & Data, AV Distribution:

Part Two: Coaxial, Racks, Networking, Cable Management, Reference:

Check out our Mil-Aero/RF 2011 Interconnect Solutions catalog and our DS3 Central Office Solutions catalog as well — or contact one of our A/V solutions specialists for more information.

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