You learn a lot in 30 years. And ever since our founding in 1981, we’ve been more than a little bit obsessed with pioneering new DS3 telecom solutions that make life easier for professionals—especially central office solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Add it all up, and our 30 years of experience and expertise leads the industry, and makes it easy for us to help central office engineers come up with applications for their connectivity problems. In other words, we understand the demands of CO engineers, and we’re eager to provide high-quality, 100-percent tested interconnect products and accessories that get job done, even in the most critical situations.

In fact, we’re an approved supplier to some of leading telecommunications companies around, including Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Qwest, Telect, Fujitsu, and more. And, as we mentioned last week, we even offer advanced, professional DS3 training at our home office as well.

Let’s take a look at what we can provide:

DS3 Connectors for 735A and 734A: BNC and Mini BNC connectors engineered specifically for DS3 central office applications, and 734A and 735A coaxial cables. The connectors are top of the line because they’re made from machined brass with nickel-plating (not inferior die-cast), and include a beryllium-copper wave washer for improved shielding and boosted flexibility and durability over mating cycles.

Bulk Cable: All the most common cables used for DS3 central office applications, including a broad variety of lengths (up to 450 feet for 734-type cable, and 225 feet for 735-tybe cable).

Tools and DS3 Test Kits: All the crimp tools, test kits, and strippers needed to meet the demands facing DS3 installers and technicians.

Custom Cable Assemblies: On-demand, fully customizable combinations of connector types and cables designed by our in-house engineering staff. Our teams can both meet your exact application requirements, and help you improve your current designs to become more cost-effective.

DS3 Adapters: 75 Ohm DS3 adapters that eliminate distortion and transmission errors. Inside is an Adapter Wizard, which makes it simple to find exactly what your application needs.

Panel Assemblies and Racks: Sleek, steel 16 AWG thick BNC distribution panels—featuring .505-inch diameter “D” holes, rolled edges for rigidity, and 10-03538 75 Ω DS3 BNC bulkhead jacks—plus steel and aluminum racks available in both 19” and 23” widths.

Contact our DS3 central office solutions specialists for more information.