When it comes to the images on our screens, we all want the best possible picture quality.  This may not always seem like a possibility, but with the increases in technology and the invention of HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6, the availability of clear picture is becoming more and more accessible.

Benefits of HDMI


This system is so powerful because it allows for long distance transmission.  This means that you can send pristine images more than 1200 meters without losing picture quality.

Beyond the great quality, you will also avoid the electromagnetic interference that can sometimes appear in difficult environments. So, whether you are having a business meeting, or a movie night, your picture will be crystal clear and interference free.

Avoiding Interference

The quality of these cables is so great that they can be used in a variety of serious environments with plenty of possible interference.  From hospitals to government buildings and factories, our cables are trusted to provide high quality picture and sound in any environment.

Making Your Quality a Priority

Your business is important, and whether you are at work or at play, you should have the highest quality picture and sound available.  That’s where we come in.

Make quality transmission your priority, and rely on the experts at MilesTek to make HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6, your new method of long distance transmission.  Contact us today to invest in high quality transmission for your life at work and at home.

AV signal extensions can be a big help for a work set up, but their installation can look a bit cluttered.  With MilesTek AV over CAT5E/CAT6 WALL PLATE extender options you can get the extension you need without the mess.

Our Options

You want your workspace to be efficient, and look nice, so presentation is important.  With our wall plate extender options you can get the best of both worlds with excellent extension and a cleaner finish on all of your extenders.

We offer a variety of options so you can finish your extenders for your media in a way that best fits your needs, budget and space.  Here are a few of the options we have available:

With this variety of options, you are sure to find the wall plate you need for a clean finish.

Your Media

You deserve to have the media you need where you need it, and that doesn’t have to mean giving up clean finishes and smooth products.  Contact us today to find the best wall plate option for your media and let us help you maximize your media!

Today’s product showcase is for MilesTek’s USB 2.0 over Cat5e/Cat6 Advanced Extenders.

It comes in two parts, a local module and a remote module. The system allows you to connect a USB device to the remote end, and transmit the signal over up to 100 meters of Cat5e or Cat6 cable.

Why do you need a USB 2.0 Advanced Extender?

With standard USB 2.0 cables, the upper limit on cable length is about 15 feet. With older USB 1.1 cables, you’re restricted to only 10 feet. That’s enough for most home applications, but there are plenty of situations where that won’t be nearly enough.

If you need to control a presentation with a USB device, set up a webcam far away from the reach of standard USB cables, or install a touchscreen monitor for remote user interaction, you’ve got to have a USB over Cat5e/Cat6 extender. It’s also great for remote printing, scanning, external storage, sound equipment, and streaming video.

USB 2.0 Advanced Extender Hardware Details

The MilesTek USB 2.0 over Cat5e/Cat6 advanced extender is made up of two modules. At one end, you’ll connect your PC via USB, and at the other end, you’ll connect the USB device. We also offer a USB 2.0 over Cat5e/Cat6 advanced extender with 4 ports for additional connectivity options.

The user side is powered by an AC adapter, included with the USB extender. This is needed because USB peripherals can draw up to 500 milliamps, which won’t travel over an Ethernet cable. The module that attaches to your PC doesn’t need a power adapter, although you can attach one if your PC setup is already drawing too much power.  However, this isn’t likely to be necessary.

Both modules come in durable metal cases to resist wear and tear.

The system doesn’t require you to install any drivers- the hardest part of setting it up is walking all the way from one end to the other. It works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


  • Extends USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices up to 100 meters
  • Supports all USB device types
  • No driver installation required – install and use this device immediately, true plug and play.
  • Can increase the number of devices with additional USB hubs
  • Works well with USB printers, hard drives, audio devices, web cams, game controllers, and more

Tired of your printer taking forever to pick up a job? Save yourself the time and frustration of waiting on slow connections with our new USB 2.0 Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets. They will not only improve your computer experience, but they’ll do it more cheaply and efficiently — saving you money all the while.

The active extender sets basically give you a way to extend the transmission distance from your USB device by 330 feet while retaining high-definition and high-speed transmission signals — all with a single CAT5E/CAT6 cable. These sets support full-speed or low-speed USB devices up to 480 Mbps USB 2.0 specifications, and are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems (although please note: this product is not compatible with Mac computers).

In other words, this extension system allows high-speed data transmission from your USB device to peripheral devices (like printers or scanners) through common CAT5E and CAT6 cables, which are relatively cheap and capable of maintaining high performance quality over long distances. Thanks to smaller cable size and end connectors, CAT5E and CAT6 cables are not only cheaper, but they’re also easier to install than bulkier cable types.

So think of all the ways these extender sets can help save you time and energy:

  • Quicker printing without loss in signal or performance
  • Faster processing time for scanned documents
  • Increased distance between devices gives you greater mobility
  • Flexibility from compatibility with a variety of devices

If you’re looking for superior performance over long distances, our USB 2.0 Over CAT5E/CAT6 Active Extender Sets are the best choice for you. Here are a few more things you should know about them:

  • Include recommended 1 foot USB cable for transmitter side
  • Software driver and AC/DC 5V 2A power adapter come with it
  • Ideal for USB peripheral extension, industrial control, security and digital signage
  • Fully compliant with USB 2.0 specification and compatible with USB hubs

All of our USB over CAT5 solutions are popular for the flexibility and customization they provide. This active extender system is just one more example of how our products can make life easier.

Our goal here at MilesTek is to get clients the exact part they need – as soon as they need it. And a big part of meeting this goal is the vast inventories we maintain for just about everything we carry, including A/V distribution products, data bus couplers, and Trompeter connectivity solutions.

But from time to time we need to clear out these inventories, and we always want to do so in a way that makes our electronic components and connectivity solutions more affordable for our valuable customers than ever.

For example, take a second to look at our ongoing CAT5E/CAT6 patch cord sale. Currently, we’ve slashed prices on several of our patch cords, including CAT5E 350 MHz booted patch cords, CAT5E 350 MHz non-booted patch cords, and CAT6 550 MHz patch cords. The cords are also available in a vast range of sizes and colors.

CAT5E/CAT6 Patch Cord Blow Out

The longer cords – including 20-foot, 50-foot, 75-foot, and 100-foot lengths – can reap extra savings when paired with one of our amazing CAT5E/CAT6 HDMI extenders. Basically, extending a sparkling-quality HDMI signal 75 feet with an actual HDMI cable would generally cost you between $70 and $170. By comparison, using a top-quality 75-foot CAT5E Ethernet cord would currently cost you just $8.42. Similarly, the cost of a high-speed 100-foot HDMI cable generally runs around $180, while a 100-foot CAT5E Ethernet cord currently costs only $9.59.

Simply put, huge savings are there for the taking (not to mention the myriad other benefits that come with our HDMI extenders).

The deal will only be available until supplies run out, so order soon if we’ve got anything you need. Questions about which patch cord will meet your unique needs? Contact us – one of our audio-video distribution specialists will be happy to help.

We talk a lot about our AV over CAT5E/CAT6 solutions – especially our HDMI CAT5E/CAT6 extenders and VGA CAT5E/CAT6 extenders – here on the MilesTek blog. For good reasons.

Simply put, the extenders are a dream come true for anyone in need of better, more cost-effective, more flexible AV setups. Utilizing high-quality, low-cost CAT5E/CAT6 cables gives you options: They can run farther. With the right extender or splitter, they can easily be split out from one source to multiple displays. And the cables makes for a much more affordable option than you’d find trying to, say, run an HDMI cable several hundred feet.

We love them. We’re proud to offer them. We want our customers to see first hand just how much the kits can simplify their AV needs. So, from now through March 31, we’re selling them at even lower prices.

HDMI OVER LAN/ETHERNET IR EXTENDER KITFor example, our HDMI over LAN/Ethernet IR extender kits make it easy to split out a single HDMI signal (such as a Blu-Ray disc player) to multiple HDMI displays such as high-def TVs over a single CAT5E/CAT6 cable. The kit even includes an IR control signal for a smoother A/V experience.

We’re selling the kits for just $376.67.

VGA 3.5mm AUDIO CAT5E/CAT6 1x4 SPLITTER AND 2-PORT EXPANDABLE RECEIVER KITOr, for another example, take a look at one of our VGA 3.5mm audio CAT5E/CAT6 1×4 active splitter and 2-port expandable receiver kits. Similar to the HDMI extender kits, these VGA extender kits smartly distribute VGA and audio input from a computer to a local VGA display – plus as many as four remote receivers located up to 1,000 feet away. Imagine the possibilities.

We’re selling these kits for just $195.

Again – the offer ends March 31, so order soon. Contact us to learn more, or head over to our main website to explore our comprehensive online catalogs of audio-video distribution solutions.

Audio Video DevicesWe’ve explored a seemingly endless array of A/V connectivity and distribution solutions lately that are suitable for a seemingly endless range of needs and technical levels — from one-room home entertainment systems to vast multi-display classroom, training center, and convention hall environments.

In other words, much of what we provide are advanced A/V solutions to both casual and sophisticated A/V users, for projects both big and small. The goal is always pull, plug and play capability.

What we’ve talked about so far is just a tip of the iceberg for what the future will hold when it comes to connectivity solutions here at MilesTek. But now is a good time to stop for a second and review how exactly our products provide our customers an unparalleled A/V advantage.

Here are three keys:

1. Smart bargains

Many of products smartly take advantage of high-quality, low-cost CAT5E Ethernet cables and CAT6 Ethernet cables. Without them, running top-quality audio and video from sources to displays over long distances would be either prohibitively expensive or simply impossible without losing signal purity.

The use of Ethernet cables lowers costs and lengthens your signal transmission capabilities. It’s a win-win.

2. Comprehensive Cable Coverage

We have solutions for just about every common (and some that are not-so common) cable technology available.

For example, while HDMI cables have only been on the market since 2003, we offer a full range of innovative HDMI extenders, HDMI switches, HDMI splitters and HDMI converters (as well as simple, reliable, high-speed HDMI cables as well). But we can also provide a full range products for older cable technologies like VGA, Composite/Component Video, and DVI distribution as well. And when the next wave of new cable technology hits the market, we’ll figure how to make it better, simpler, cheaper, and more usable for our customers as well.

3. Flexibility

Sure, we have products than can enhance just about any A/V cable technology your source or display needs. But what if you need a mix (as most multi-source systems do)? We’ve got solutions for mixed systems as well.

For example, check out our HDMI to component/composite video switchers, as well as our VGA-to-HDMI converters. Whatever you need to make your system go.

That’s the bottom line. Our A/V solutions make your A/V needs and problems simply solvable. Go ahead and browse through our complete catalog of audio video devices for more information.

Last week on the Milestek blog, we talked a bit about our custom VGA wall plates. The active wall plate sets we’ve designed for component and composite video (over CAT5E/CAT6 Ethernet cables) capabilities feature a similar set of benefits — but for a different set of needs.

CAT5E/CAT6 Ethernet cables are an excellent way to be able to run component and composite video over long distances at just a fraction of the price of regular cable extension — without sacrificing quality. In fact, these wall plate sets can extend AV signals up to 300 feet over a single CAT5E Ethernet cable or CAT6 Ethernet cable.

The wall plates are ideal for component and composite AV setups where your video source is in a separate room from your HDTV or other video display (it’s especially ideal when you need the source device to be securely located in a locked room).

So we’re proud to sell four different component video wall plate sets. Let’s take a look:

1. Component Video over CAT5E/CAT6 Extender Wall Plate Set

Like each of our CAT5E and CAT6 active wall plate kits, this one can extend your component video signal up to 300 feet. It includes a 110-type rear punch down connector for easy in-wall installation, as well as a source wall plate, display wall plate, and mounting wall plates and screws. Component video transmits in sparkling quality, including Y/Pb/Pr up to 1080i @ 164 feet, plus up to 720p @ 246 feet for HDTV. No software or adapters are required.

2. Component Video with Digital Audio over CAT5E/CAT6 Extender Wall Plate Set

This wall plate set is similar, but it also includes audio support for RCA SPDIF digital connections.

3. Composite Video with Stereo Audio over CAT5E/CAT6 Extender Wall Plate Set

Again, this wall plate set boasts identical features as the others, except for one key added capability: composite video at 100ohm and stereo audio at 600ohm impedance.

4. Component Video with Stereo Audio over CAT5E/CAT6 Extender Wall Plate Set

This wall plate set supports an extraordinary range of component video signals with stereo audio support, including 480p up to 500 feet, 720p up to 400 feet, 1080i up to 350 feet, 1080p/24Hz up to 300 feet, and 1080p/60Hz up to 300 feet.

3D TV HDMI ExtenderGrab some popcorn. Dim the lights. Plop down on your couch. Throw on your 3D glasses and get ready for an unmatched home entertainment experience.

More and more movies are coming out in 3D. For example, 20 3D movies were released in 2009, compared to only eight in 2008. 3D capable screens across the US and Canada jumped up from 1,514 to 3,548 in one year. It’s not just cartoons anymore — action movies, comedies, IMAX films, and concerts are all being released with that extra dimension. And, increasingly, electronics providers are releasing products like 3D-ready HDTVs, making it easy to bring this dazzling technology into your own home.

Imagine the possibilities: Nature shows where your kids find themselves suddenly surrounded by a friendly pack of happy hippos. NFL games where you see the plays unfold from the vantage point of a middle linebacker. A film giving a classroom full of high schoolers an immersion tour of the human heart. An office training session that gives their sales staff in-depth understanding of the highly complicated products they’re preparing to sell. A trade show demonstration where you can take potential customers and clients on a illuminating info tour of your cutting edge product.

We’re not there yet, but 3D-ready TVs that can be set up in homes, offices, schools, and conferences make for a giant next step in the direction of immersive A/V experience. And at MilesTek, we fully expect our A/V connectivity solutions to help bridge the transition to these new sorts of technologies.

For example, our new 3D-ready, IR-controllable HDMI-over-CAT5E/CAT6 extenders simply add 3D readiness to all the same benefits of our other HDMI extenders, including:

  • The ability to transmit HDMI signals further. Depending on the extender model, the devices can extend 1080p resolution up to 164 feet over CAT5E cables, and up to 180 feet over CAT6 cables.
  • The ability to transmit HDMI signals at a fraction of the price (compared to more expensive HDMI cables).
  • Built-in pass-thru IR control for more flexible management.
  • A high-speed chip set that supports 3D, 4K x 2
  • HDCP compliance

The 3D extenders arrive to you tested for compatibility with all leading HD video brands, as well as whole series 7.1 home theater systems. The devices also come in a wall plate extender version.

It’s an exciting time filled with A/V possibilities. Contact our HDMI solutions specialists for more information.

Over the past month, we’ve discussed a couple the unique advantages of using our CAT5E and CAT6 extender devices as a way to improve an AV system.

The benefits are simple: using CAT5E and CAT6 cables can your make your AV system less expensive, and much, much more flexible, without sacrificing high quality. Our HDMI Over Single CAT5E/CAT6 Splitters and Receivers make it easy to extend the HDMI signal up to 164 feet to as many as eight separate HDTV displays—say, for example, in a corporate training environment. Our VGA over CAT5 multiport transmitter and receiver system similarly maximize viewing potential, and improve demonstrations and presentations—say, for example, in a tradeshow demonstration setting. It works because the CAT5E/CAT6 cables themselves are cheaper and more capable of maintaining high quality over a long distance than HDMI or VGA cables—if you have the right equipment to make them adaptable (which, happily, we sell).

But there’s an important technical rule users should understand before trying to implement one of these AV system:

Our HDMI, VGA, and other CAT5E/CAT6 extender devices are designed and tested to work directly from the original source device (for example: Blu-Ray players, standard DVD players, cable/satellite receivers, laptops, or game consoles) to the display (for example: an HDTV, projector, or monitor). They should NOT be used in conjunction with adapters, converters, signal processors or receivers, switchers or splitters between the original source and display devices.

The problem is one of picture quality—interrupting that direct connection can result in no picture, or inconsistent picture over a period of time. In many cases, the receiver end of HDMI balun/wall plate will actually short out, thanks to the the extra burden of voltage it takes on from the additional equipment connected.

If you need to extend your signal a fair distance, but also split or switch it, we suggest purchasing an “Over CAT5E/CAT6” specific splitter or switcher system. At MilesTek, we offer several of these products: