When you first read this article title, you might be tempted to think, “It doesn’t take a technical mastermind to do this.”  And in most cases, you’re right.  But many times, technology comes up with its own quirks that make the simplest of processes completely infuriating.  In the ideal world, you simply purchase an HDMI cable, connect it to the PC and TV, and then you’re good to go.  But, in case you run into those irritating and unexpected quirks, here is a more detailed process to follow:

  • Make sure your PC has an HDMI port. Check to make sure your TV has at least one too.  Just about all televisions, since they are HD, and PCs manufactured within the last several years have HDMI ports, so this step shouldn’t be a large obstacle for you.
  • HDMI cablesBuy an HDMI cable. MilesTek offers HDMI cables in various lengths that are backwards compatible to older HDMI versions, and support up to 4K x 2K and 1080p Video Resolutions.
  • Plug the cable in to the TV and laptop. Once you have the HDMI cable properly plugged into the PC or laptop, switch to the correct input channel.  In some cases, your laptop will automatically set the process up and you’ll see a picture right away.  In most cases, however, the screen will be blank.  Don’t worry about that yet.
  • Configure your PC. Most of the time, Windows ignores the HDMI port when you plug something in.  Given that we’re in the age of plug’n’play, this seems a little weird, but it’s the way things work.  To resolve this issue, go to the control panel and choose “adjust screen resolution.”

You will note two different displays, one which appears to be disabled.  Click on the disabled monitor, and appropriately allow the PC to send and receive a signal on the HDMI cable.  You should now see the same thing on your computer display and HDTV.pc to hdmi tv

Whew – well maybe that wasn’t so bad after all.  But, at least now you know the process a little better so you can handle any unexpected quirks.  Now it’s time for the really hard part – deciding what to watch!

Trompeter Emerson high-temp twinaxial cablesDurable, high-performance cabling is the lifeblood of any connectivity system. And even the most reliable A/V distribution device or electronic component will fail to meet expectations if it’s connected with substandard cables. So we’re proud to sell a wide variety of bulk cable that meets our stringent quality standards.

For example, take a look at our new Trompeter/Emerson 78-ohm high-temp twinaxial cables with PFA jackets for MIL-STD-1553B applications

The premium, heavy-duty cable is constructed out of PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) outer jacket material and FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) insulation material, which, when combined, allow the cable to function at a high level even in both extraordinarily cool temperatures and extreme heat. More specifically, the cables can withstand temps ranging from 55-degrees Celsius below zero (negative 67-degrees Fahrenheit) to as much as 200-degrees Celsius (392-degres Fahrenheit).

The ability to perform flawlessly at such an extreme range of temperatures is important for high-performance, mission-critical applications involved with military avionics and commercial aviation. And, in this way, this twinax cable is similar to other high-temp cables we can provide, including twinax cables with Teflon jackets.

All types of bulk cable we sell are sold by the foot, but you will not find any cutting charges on your bill. Currently, this cable is available for just $3.50 per foot. To see a full list of applications compatible with this cable, just look at any product ending in “206” via our search bar.

(As a general reminder, you can keep an eye out for our latest products in the new products section of our website. Other recent connectivity solutions that we’ve added to our catalogs include coax extender sets, hi-def video conferencing systems, and twinax cable plugs.)

Contact us to learn more, or take a look at our complete product lines of triax cables, coaxial-RF cables, and cable assemblies.

Here’s a nifty deal to greet the spring:

Currently, you can get the DYMO Rhino 5200 industrial label printer ($146 value) for free when you buy 15 Rhino industrial labels. Buy an additional five labels, and you can upgrade to the handy DYMO Rhino 5200 Hard Case Kit ($225 value). Similarly, the DYMO Rhino 6000 industrial labeler ($250 value) is free when you buy 30 Rhino industrial labels, upgradeable to the DYMO Rhino 6000 Hard Case Kit ($334 value) when you buy 35 labels.


Both models are portable and rugged, and they represent the cutting edge of hand-held industrial labeling technology. The 5200 makes it easy to add an extra dose of professional finish to installations with clear, long-lasting industrial labels. It can run on rechargeable batteries for maximum portability. And it’s ideal for a variety of professionals, including those in the construction, broadcast, security, datacomm, electrical and A/V fields.

The Rhino 6000, meanwhile, boasts all the features and benefits of the 5200 — and then some. Notably, it’s the first Rhino labeler to include PC connectivity, allowing the user to create custom labels ahead of time via any Windows-based software program. The 6000 model also includes a nifty library stocked with more than 250 industry terms and symbols, plus the ability to save up to 1,000 custom labels.

For both models, the hard case kits are ideal for the rough-and-tumble jobsite environment that many of our customers regularly tackle. We’re also proud to offer a comprehensive selection of industrial labels, including flexible nylon labels, heat shrink tube labels, permanent polyester labels, self-laminating labels and vinyl labels.

The promotion is valid through June 30, so order soon if you’re in the market for an industrial label printer. Or take a look at our complete catalog of cable management solutions to learn more.

cable assemblyAs we mentioned previously, for many families, the holiday season means a slew new electronics, gadgets, and high-tech toys will soon be piling up beneath the Christmas tree.

We talked a bit about how our cable management products and solutions can help prevent all those nifty new toys from creating a birds nest of cords and cables in your living room. This week, let’s explore how we can make sure you have all the cords and cables you need in the first place. A big part of our catalog is centered around audio visual devices — such as HDMI cables for gadgets like high-def TVs, video game systems, computers, cameras and projectors — as well as connectors and adapters and MIL-STD-1553B solutions.

But we’re also proud to offer a cutting-edge line of other cable assemblies designed by our crack in-house engineering staff, including:

  • Fiber Optic Patch Cords
  • We offer both multi- and single-mode duplex cables at a variety of lengths ranging from one-meter to ten meters. Our options include ST/ST duplex cables, ST/SC duplex cables, ST/LC duplex cables, SC/SC duplex cables, SC/LC duplex cables, and LC/LC duplex cables. Contact us for custom lengths — as with all of our products, we specialize in getting you exactly what you need.

  • Coaxial
  • We offer both flexible coaxial and twinax cable assemblies, which are configured with multiple connector combinations. Again, we we’re proud to provide custom-length cables, as well as same-day shipping.

  • Computer & Network Cables
  • Computers don’t have to be complicated. Network patch cords, USB cables, Displayport and SVGA cables — a full array of computer and network cables. Our custom assembly capabilities complement this catalog.

  • CCTV Cables
  • Surveillance made easy. For CCTV power/video surveillance applications, we provide RG59 cable assemblies that utilize RG59 and BNC connectors.

  • 1553B Bus and Stub Cables
  • We offer three-slot solder/clamp plug-to-plug assemblies, which we also offer with bend relief. High-temperature three-slot full crimp plug-to-plug, plus plug-to-right-angle plug and right-angle-plug-to-right-angle-plugs. We also offer bus scope test cables in both twinax and 2-coax.

cable managementAnother holiday season. Another stack of gizmos and gadgets you’ll soon be adding to your home entertainment system. Pretty soon, a birds nest of cables suitable for Big Bird will be building up behind your TV (or security room, or server room, or office desk).

Here at MilesTek, we’ve got cable assemblies solutions for just about every need imaginable, including AV cables, component video cables, CCTV cables, coaxial cables, computer and network cables and fiber-optic patch cords.

Thankfully, we’ve also got cable management solutions to match them. Let’s take a look:

Label Printers

Make it easy to remember which cable belongs to which device with our complete line of Rhino Label Printers and label options (including flexible nylon labels, a heat shrink tube, permanent polyester, self-laminating, and vinyl labels).

Cable Holders and Supports

Simple solutions for bundling and controlling cables, including cable clamps, cable rings and spools, and wide surface cable supports.

Cable Ties

Tough, top-quality cable ties made out of 6/6 natural nylon — made right here in the United States of America. The cable ties are available in three colors — black, white and natural — and couple low insertion force with the maximum tensile strength. Options include ID tie wraps, mount tie wraps and reusable tie wraps.

Ducting and Tubing

An excellent high-impact rigid PVC solution for both routing and protecting your cables, including convoluted tubing, over-the-floor ducting, and slotted ducting.

Raceway Systems

A smooth, attractive way to control your cables, our top-notch raceway systems come with surface raceways, fittings and junction boxes. Each element is constructed out of 64V-0 PVC, and are available in either six-foot or eight-foot lengths. For simple and fast installation, the wide raceway base/boxes also feature foam-backed adhesives.

To learn more, explore out complete cable management solutions catalog, or just go ahead and contact us for more information. We’d love to help you get what you need.