HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6

When it comes to the images on our screens, we all want the best possible picture quality.  This may not always seem like a possibility, but with the increases in technology and the invention of HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6, the availability of clear picture is becoming more and more accessible.

Benefits of HDMI


This system is so powerful because it allows for long distance transmission.  This means that you can send pristine images more than 1200 meters without losing picture quality.

Beyond the great quality, you will also avoid the electromagnetic interference that can sometimes appear in difficult environments. So, whether you are having a business meeting, or a movie night, your picture will be crystal clear and interference free.

Avoiding Interference

The quality of these cables is so great that they can be used in a variety of serious environments with plenty of possible interference.  From hospitals to government buildings and factories, our cables are trusted to provide high quality picture and sound in any environment.

Making Your Quality a Priority

Your business is important, and whether you are at work or at play, you should have the highest quality picture and sound available.  That’s where we come in.

Make quality transmission your priority, and rely on the experts at MilesTek to make HDMI over Fiber Vs. HDMI over CAT5E/CAT6, your new method of long distance transmission.  Contact us today to invest in high quality transmission for your life at work and at home.

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