HDMI/DVI TO VGA/Component Video RGB and Audio Converter Need to convert an HDMI or DVI source such as a laptop or DVD player to an older TV with analog video connections?  MilesTek has just the solution for you! This unique device allows your HDMI or DVI signal to be converted to TVs or projectors with either VGA or Component Video (RGB) connections.

What about the audio?  The device also converts the audio from your HDMI source to either S/PDIF coaxial audio out, or 3.5mm stereo audio out.

Great Value for Quality Equipment

Don’t waste money on over expensive equipment that will break down or leave you with less than quality images. Our HDMI/DVI to VGA/Component Video and Audio converter gives you the quality you searching for at an affordable price for your Audio/Video installation projects!

High Definition Sound

You are only a few clicks away from connecting a digital device to analog TV. Not only will you customers enjoy quality images, but also high definition sound as well. Combining these two factors can really facelift any professional entertainment center.

Meeting your Needs with the Right Converter

So whether your project includes a projector or plasma screen that you want to play movies or give company presentations on, or you simply want to connect a newer laptop to older TV for optimal gaming, order our HDMI/DVI to VGA/Component Video and Audio converter today.

Our professionals understand technology and know the best way to help you achieve your installation project goals. Give us a call today and find out what else you can do to optimize your entertainment center installations!