In the modern world, it’s common to see a home theater set up in one room and a few other TVs in just one home —and while that makes for a lot of entertainment, watching TV can get pretty complicated, especially when your kids want to watch Netflix.  But with the 4×4 Matrix Switch, that’s all about to change.

The HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch allows you to hook up to 4 inputs with 4 additional outputs, and that means you can have one set up for all of your equipment (like your Xbox, Blu-ray Player, Wii, and Sound System) in your home theater.  With this extender system, you can easily play any of your devices with up to 4 output systems in your house.

Gone are the days of skipping the game to let your kids watch a movie, lugging your DVD player from room to room and purchasing an individual DVD player for each TV.  Now, you can watch the big game in your home theater while your little kids watch a movie in their room, and your teenager battles villains on the XBOX—all from the same system.


  • Supports High Definition for all of Your Connected Devices
  • Supports 24 Bit Color Depth
  • Optimizes Transmission Quality
  • Several Switching Modes (for various remote controls or a universal control)
  • Protects against electrostatic discharge

Maximize Your Entertainment

It’s time to step forward into the future—so buy your own HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switch today, and transform your home theater into a system of entertainment for your whole house.