VIDEO TO HDMI CONVERTER SCALER SWITCHERWith the advancement of technology on a regular basis, it’s simple to get stuck in a difficult situation with your A/V equipment. Whether the equipment is still working perfectly but not of high quality output or you have devices with multi-formatted outputs and you’re not sure how to integrate them onto the same system, MilesTek HDMI Converters have some great options to solve all of your problems at once.

The All Video to HDMI Scaler Switcher, Part #90-12019 allows for the conversion of up to 11 multi-format inputs to 2 HDMI outputs—this will allow you to convert your entire spectrum of A/V equipment and allow for HDMI streaming and output. You’ll never have realized how powerful your equipment was before viewing in HD.

Whether you’re looking to convert high-end conference and office equipment to HD signals, your gaming consoles or your DVD players and projectors, the All Video to HDMI Scaler Switcher will be your ace in the hole!

All Video to HDMI Converter Scaler Switcher Technological Specifications Include:

  • Allowing upscaling and switching from standard definition/high definition sources to resolutions of 720p or 1080p
  • The ability to buffer, amplify, and equalize the signal to ensure optimum transmission and reception over the length of the cable run
  • A detached audio output by L/R and optical
  • Delivers uncompressed digital video with absolutely no signal loss
  • Additional remote control function with RS232 connectivity

Uses for the All Video to HDMI Converter Scaler Switcher

We’re constantly in a race to update our electronics as newer, more advanced technology hits the marketplace. We know that it’d be expensive and impractical to replace all of the components at once. Even just 3 years could completely change the tune of high definition output as we know it today, and we’re going to need a device to help us adapt with the times and move forward, technologically.

This All Video to HDMI Converter Scaler Switcher will allow you the opportunity to convert all of your devices, regardless of output type, to one centralized high definition output—using just the one converter!

Important Points to Keep in Mind

The following is a rundown of the input types that are supported with this HDMI Converter:

  • 1 x VGA Source
  • 1 x S-Video Source
  • 2 x Composite AV Sources with stereo audio
  • 2 x Component Sources with analog audio
  • 4 x HDMI Sources (with 1 supporting 5.1 multichannel digital audio0
  • 1 x DVI-I Source with analog audio and digital audio via optical

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Products Featured in the Catalog

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In 2013, HDMI is the global standard for connecting high-definition audio and visual equipment. Not only is HDMI technology built on a completely digital interface, it’s much more intelligent than standard definition equipment and offers consumers unsurpassed quality and ease of use.

If you’re at the point where you’re not quite ready to give up your standard hardware, but want the high quality output that HDMI has to offer, it’s in your best interest to consider an HDMI converter.

MilesTek offers an array of HDMI converters to cater to your needs. Check out all of the solutions below!

Products currently offered to fit your needs & budget

VGA TO HDMI CONVERTER SCALERThe VGA to HDMI converter is designed to take the video and audio signal from a PC or Laptop and upscale it to digital HDMI output for a wide-range of HDTV and PC resolutions, up to 1080p. This converter is great for connecting the VGA video output of your computer or media server and integrating it into a new digital HDMI application.

PC RJ45 TO HDMI/VGA OVER LAN EXTENDER CONVERTERThe Composite Video S-Video to HDMI Converter Scaler is another great option in HDMI converters. The RCA Composite video and S-video to HDMI Scaler converts both Composite Video or S-Video as input and converts it to HDMI. It allows older analog devices to be integrated into your HD home theater system.

HDMI AUDIO EXTRACTOR CONVERTERFor solutions in converting HDMI Audio, check out the HDMI Audio Extractor Converter. This device simply extracts and converts audio signals from an HDMI source and simultaneously outputs up to 1080p resolution HDMI video to display and to coaxial digital and stereo 3.5mm analog audio signals, or to external speakers or sound systems.

PC RJ45 TO HDMI/VGA OVER LAN EXTENDER CONVERTERThe PC RJ45 To HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender/Converter is a great solution to your HDMI needs through your PC.  You can directly connect the converter to your PCs RJ45 Ethernet port with standard CAT5E/CAT6 cabling.  The signal works well from 328ft/100m away, but must be run through a switch/router first.  You also get two outputs for both HDMI and VGA display and two USB ports for your keyboard and mouse.

MilesTek HDMI Converters are Great for Business or Professional Use

Whether you’re in the market for an HDMI Converter for home or the office, MilesTek offers an array of HDMI Converters to fit your needs. Check out the offering of HDMI Converters today!