MilesTek Introduces Quick Connect AV Cables

Do you feel that it’s time consuming and overly annoying to unscrew and fidget with various cables when you need to recreate your cabling system in a hurry? Your AV needs can change in a hurry—especially with solutions being created and released on a daily basis. Discover the simplicity of using Quick Connect AV Cables.

Not only are there many benefits of using a Quick Connect AV Cabling system, but there are many different quick-connect options to satisfy your digital connections, HDMI, VGA, and Component Cable systems. Also, check out the components of the three part quick-connect system!

Benefits of Utilizing Quick Connect AV Cables

It’s important to update your AV equipment on a regular basis. Quick Connect cables make it a breeze to change out your AV equipment at your leisure by allowing you the ability to connect a simple AV Pigtail cable to accommodate the appropriate application that’s needed.

In addition to the ease of the system, it can save you time and money not having to crimp, compress or solder your wires together in order to get the perfect AV Connection.

Other benefits include:

  • The ability to make fast and easy technological upgrades
  • The ability to save time and money on your AV Connection system
  • The ability to utilize secure, locking Din 14 or 19-pin connections to provide consistent delivery of AV signals
  • The ability to use quick connect AV cables for signal options including VGA, Composite and Component Video and HDMI and DVI digital solutions.

Check out the Quick Connect AV Cable Options

MilesTek is your one-stop-shop for any and all options regarding Quick-Connect AV Cables. Not only can you find solutions regarding Quick Connect VGA & PC Options, Quick-Connect Component & Composite Options, and Quick Connect Digital Options, but you can also find top-of-the-line options for your Quick-Connect home or office integration.

The Three Part Quick Connect System

The three part quick connect system is a relatively simple concept. You can start with an AV wall plate, allowing you the ability to use your quick connect cables directly from product to wall. There are a number of AV Pigtail options allowing you the ease of fitting these quick-connect cables on all of your digital AV devices, and lastly you have the option of using basic run cables. Check out the Quick Pull Diagram for a simple showcase of how these Quick Connect AV Cables work!