One of the many hot new HDMI signal-extension products we offer here at MilesTek is part #90-12055, the HDMI over single CAT5E/Cat6 HDBaseT Lite Extender.

What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT Single Cable HDMI Signal Extender

HDMI over single CAT5E/Cat6 HDBaseT Lite Extender part #90-12055

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t heard of HDBaseT.  A relatively new business alliance formed on June 14, 2010 by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Valens Semiconductor to promote the new technology.  The basic idea behind the technology is that a single LAN cable can be used to replace multiple cables in homes and businesses.  Find out more about HDBaseT here:

Basically, the technology allows uncompressed HD video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, power, and various control signals all to be passed over a single cable.  If you’re even somewhat familiar with these terms, you realize that most of the cables you have at your home or office use one or more of these technologies.

From a practical standpoint of fewer cables making life easier and a business standpoint of lesser cables costing your company less, this emerging technology makes great sense at a number of levels.

 HDMI over single CAT5E/Cat6 HDBaseT Lite Extender Wall Plate

HDMI over single CAT5E/Cat6 HDBaseT Lite Extender Wall Plate, part #90-12056

Translation for businesses:  You can get a very high-quality signal that transmits top-grade HDMI digital audio/video, as well as 100 Mbps/s bandwidth over very cost-effective cabling.

Other benefits of this product include:

  • Ability to transfer uncompressed 1080p resolution
  • R transport channels that can be transmitted forward or backward
  • 38 kHz mode support for IR
  • Tested to be fully effective for 7.1 surround sound home theatre systems
  •  Compatible with all leading HD video brand
  •  Allows 10.2 Gbps of uncompressed bandwidth
  • Works with your existing Ethernet connectivity

As you can see, this extender is quite a powerful product, allowing your home or business to best utilize HDBaseT technology for its own purposes.  Be sure to also check out our new HDMI over single CAT5E/Cat6 HDBaseT Lite Extender Wall Plate, part #90-12056 for more HDBaseT technology options. Can you think of situations where you need fewer, or less costly, cables to make your home or business life a little easier? We thought so.

MilesTek’s new HDMI Audio Extractor Converter is quite a unique piece of AV distribution equipment. This extractor converter has a HDMI video output and also allows you to connect the audio to external speakers or surround sound systems.  Similar products only output video, so this one is quite a treat.  Hey, let’s just face it – having one less device saves that much more space and confusion, so why not consider getting a device that lets you output both 1080p resolution HDMI video to display as well as audio signals to your speakers?

All right, let’s stop talking about how this product can help you and start discussing how to hook it up.

HDMI Audio Extractor Converter

  • Keep the power off – When it comes to cabling, always make sure you have the power off to start.  In most cases, if you connect and disconnect cables while the power is on for any device, you probably won’t cause any damage.  But, if you keep the power off, you are 100% sure you won’t damage any of the cables while connecting or disconnecting.  Leave it off so you don’t find yourself having to purchase replacement cables and devices.
  • Make sure you have the right HDMI cables – If you’re the minimalist type and have that ancient cable from several years ago, make sure you have a high-speed HDMI cable.  Also, keep in mind you’ll need 2 cables – one for input, and one for output.
  • Check that you have the right audio cables – you can output SPDIF (Sony/Phillips Digital Interconnect Format) using toslink fiber optic audio cables or digital audio coaxial RCA cables, or output analog using  3.5 mm stereo cables.
  • Connect all cabling – Depending on your setup, connect the HDMI cables and the audio cables.
  • Connect the power cable – Now that all the other cabling is connected, connect the power.  If you noticed you made a mistake with your other cabling, make sure to disconnect the power cable first.
  • Find the right input channels – Okay – you’ve done all the hard labor.  Now it’s time to find the right input channels on the various devices you’ve connected.  We’d love to help you more here, but all of that information is device-specific, so this part is up to you!

Enjoy Your New HDMI Audio Extractor Converter Setup

Don’t forget this part.  Sometimes, working with electronics is nothing short of extreme frustration.  Once you’re all set up though, enjoy your new 1080p resolution HDMI video on your own display and stereo output on your own speakers.

PC RJ45 to HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender ConverterHow many different output connections does your personal computer or laptop have?  Yours might be a little older, and perhaps it does not have the most modern connections available.  Even if it does, sometimes it seems like you’re preparing for an expedition into the unknown because of all the different equipment and cabling you have to take along for your presentation.

MilesTek’s newest HDMI/VGA converter helps you solve that problem.  It simply connects to your PC’s Ethernet port using a standard CAT5E/CAT6 cable.  Here are some additional benefits this product offers:

  • Connect from distances up 328 feet/100 meters away
  • Outputs for both HDMI & VGA display
  • Peripheral support – 2 USB ports for PC devices such as a keyboard and mouse
  • Multiple remote users connected to the same network can access a single displa
  • Easy-to-install software driver included
  • Supports HD 1080p (1920×1080) resolution

With the PC RJ45 to HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender Converter, you do not need to know what type of output you are going to need as it provides outputs for either HDMI or VGA for display.  It also offers the flexibility of displaying both VGA and HDMI, but you will need to purchase separate converters if you want to display both at the same time.

How to Connect & Use the PC RJ45 to HDMI/VGA Over LAN Extender Converter

One of the primary benefits of this product is the great ease with which you can install it.  Here are the simple steps to follow:

  •  Make sure you have the device on the display end of the network
  •  Install the included software driver on the PC you would like to act as the remote display
  • Connect the display PC directly to the converter
  • Connect one end of a CAT5E/CAT6 Ethernet cable to your network
  • Connect the other end to the PC where you would like to view the display

That’s it – it really is that easy, as most of the work lies in how your network is already set up.  In most cases, all you have to do is install the driver and connect the Ethernet cable, which is a very simple process to follow.

PC RJ45 HDMI VGA Over LAN Extender Converter setup

Now, you can allow any number of users across your network to access the remote display on your PC regardless of the output. The possibilities are endless!