Trompeter Emerson high-temp twinaxial cablesDurable, high-performance cabling is the lifeblood of any connectivity system. And even the most reliable A/V distribution device or electronic component will fail to meet expectations if it’s connected with substandard cables. So we’re proud to sell a wide variety of bulk cable that meets our stringent quality standards.

For example, take a look at our new Trompeter/Emerson 78-ohm high-temp twinaxial cables with PFA jackets for MIL-STD-1553B applications

The premium, heavy-duty cable is constructed out of PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) outer jacket material and FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) insulation material, which, when combined, allow the cable to function at a high level even in both extraordinarily cool temperatures and extreme heat. More specifically, the cables can withstand temps ranging from 55-degrees Celsius below zero (negative 67-degrees Fahrenheit) to as much as 200-degrees Celsius (392-degres Fahrenheit).

The ability to perform flawlessly at such an extreme range of temperatures is important for high-performance, mission-critical applications involved with military avionics and commercial aviation. And, in this way, this twinax cable is similar to other high-temp cables we can provide, including twinax cables with Teflon jackets.

All types of bulk cable we sell are sold by the foot, but you will not find any cutting charges on your bill. Currently, this cable is available for just $3.50 per foot. To see a full list of applications compatible with this cable, just look at any product ending in “206” via our search bar.

(As a general reminder, you can keep an eye out for our latest products in the new products section of our website. Other recent connectivity solutions that we’ve added to our catalogs include coax extender sets, hi-def video conferencing systems, and twinax cable plugs.)

Contact us to learn more, or take a look at our complete product lines of triax cables, coaxial-RF cables, and cable assemblies.

We’ve been pretty enthusiastic here on the MilesTek blog about just how much we love the fantastic new VU Telepresence HD video conferencing systems we sell. They make critical business communications easier, more effective and more affordable.

And, amazingly enough, they just got even better.

Our complete line of VU Telepresence High-Def Video conferencing devices are now interoperable with Vidtel video conferencing services.

The advantage of Vidtel’s service is that it allows you to connect (in high-def) with customers, clients, coworkers or colleagues – even if they are not using the same HD video conferencing equipment. There’s no tedious process of setting up a connection. You just enter in the address and go.

Basically, Vidtel has been one of the industry’s true pioneers of cloud-based B2B video conferencing services (note: services, not equipment). Most notably, the company built an SIP-based network that enables interoperability between SIP and H.323 that allows companies and other organizations to blend enterprise-grade video conferencing with other consumer video application (including, most handily, tablets and smartphones). This technology allows equipment manufacturers to expand the scope of endpoints interoperating within their own network.

In other words, they take cutting-edge connectivity equipment and make it even better. Here’s how it works:

Using a VU Telepresence HD video conference system over a high-speed Internet connection, you basically just dial into a video conferencing room, where you meet with the people you’re trying to reach. Or, if the other participants in your call are non-Vidtel users, they can simply dial your address or meet you in a Vidtel room. There’s no need to log into a portal first.

Vidtel video conferencing with VU Telepresence

From there, you’ll be face-to-face and ready to do the business you came to do (without needing to jump on an airplane first).