Our goal here at MilesTek is to get clients the exact part they need – as soon as they need it. And a big part of meeting this goal is the vast inventories we maintain for just about everything we carry, including A/V distribution products, data bus couplers, and Trompeter connectivity solutions.

But from time to time we need to clear out these inventories, and we always want to do so in a way that makes our electronic components and connectivity solutions more affordable for our valuable customers than ever.

For example, take a second to look at our ongoing CAT5E/CAT6 patch cord sale. Currently, we’ve slashed prices on several of our patch cords, including CAT5E 350 MHz booted patch cords, CAT5E 350 MHz non-booted patch cords, and CAT6 550 MHz patch cords. The cords are also available in a vast range of sizes and colors.

CAT5E/CAT6 Patch Cord Blow Out

The longer cords – including 20-foot, 50-foot, 75-foot, and 100-foot lengths – can reap extra savings when paired with one of our amazing CAT5E/CAT6 HDMI extenders. Basically, extending a sparkling-quality HDMI signal 75 feet with an actual HDMI cable would generally cost you between $70 and $170. By comparison, using a top-quality 75-foot CAT5E Ethernet cord would currently cost you just $8.42. Similarly, the cost of a high-speed 100-foot HDMI cable generally runs around $180, while a 100-foot CAT5E Ethernet cord currently costs only $9.59.

Simply put, huge savings are there for the taking (not to mention the myriad other benefits that come with our HDMI extenders).

The deal will only be available until supplies run out, so order soon if we’ve got anything you need. Questions about which patch cord will meet your unique needs? Contact us – one of our audio-video distribution specialists will be happy to help.

We’re confident that we sell among the best connectivity solutions anywhere in the military avionics and telemetry industries, including our diverse lines of custom harnesses and accessories, connectors and data bus couplers. But there’s nothing like a little bit of validation from one of the most demanding, high-performance companies on the planet and true pioneers of the commercial aerospace field.

Boeing Performance Excellence AwardSo here at MilesTek, we’re thrilled to announce — for the second time in four years – that we’ve been honored by the Boeing Corporation as a recipient of the 2011 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.

The honor goes out each year to company suppliers who best maintain “superior supplier performance” throughout the previous year. From Oct. 1, 2010 to Sept. 30, 2011, we earned a “silver composite performance rating” for month after month through the entire performance period. The honor makes us eligible for Boeing’s “Supplier of the Year.”

According to the company:

Performance excellence is fundamental to the success of both our companies. Boeing extends its sincere congratulations to the employees of your company for demonstrating their dedication to the high performance standards necessary to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the global economy.

This is the third time to receive the honor. We last earned the award in 2009 for the custom wiring harnesses, connectors and cable assemblies we supplied to Boeing.

The high-demand, mission-critical nature of avionics requires cutting-edge connectivity solutions that are tough, reliable and innovative. We’re proud to offer industry-leading companies like Boeing a full range of such connectivity solutions, including MIL-STD-1553B devices and supporting equipment, Trompeter cables and connectors, and a deep catalog of cable assemblies.


We talk a lot about our AV over CAT5E/CAT6 solutions – especially our HDMI CAT5E/CAT6 extenders and VGA CAT5E/CAT6 extenders – here on the MilesTek blog. For good reasons.

Simply put, the extenders are a dream come true for anyone in need of better, more cost-effective, more flexible AV setups. Utilizing high-quality, low-cost CAT5E/CAT6 cables gives you options: They can run farther. With the right extender or splitter, they can easily be split out from one source to multiple displays. And the cables makes for a much more affordable option than you’d find trying to, say, run an HDMI cable several hundred feet.

We love them. We’re proud to offer them. We want our customers to see first hand just how much the kits can simplify their AV needs. So, from now through March 31, we’re selling them at even lower prices.

HDMI OVER LAN/ETHERNET IR EXTENDER KITFor example, our HDMI over LAN/Ethernet IR extender kits make it easy to split out a single HDMI signal (such as a Blu-Ray disc player) to multiple HDMI displays such as high-def TVs over a single CAT5E/CAT6 cable. The kit even includes an IR control signal for a smoother A/V experience.

We’re selling the kits for just $376.67.

VGA 3.5mm AUDIO CAT5E/CAT6 1x4 SPLITTER AND 2-PORT EXPANDABLE RECEIVER KITOr, for another example, take a look at one of our VGA 3.5mm audio CAT5E/CAT6 1×4 active splitter and 2-port expandable receiver kits. Similar to the HDMI extender kits, these VGA extender kits smartly distribute VGA and audio input from a computer to a local VGA display – plus as many as four remote receivers located up to 1,000 feet away. Imagine the possibilities.

We’re selling these kits for just $195.

Again – the offer ends March 31, so order soon. Contact us to learn more, or head over to our main website to explore our comprehensive online catalogs of audio-video distribution solutions.

Dazzling video quality. Crystal-clear audio. Connections with clients, friends and family a thousand miles away that makes you feel like they’re sitting just across the conference table. All this — and more — at an accessible cost you simply won’t find in many other places across the industry.

You can probably tell that we’re more than a little bit excited to introduce our new high-def, ultra-cool, super-affordable HDMI video conferencing systems from VU Telepresence.

Historically, conducting important meetings via video conference was prohibitively expensive for many small businesses and organizations. Doing so would require a significant investment in equipment. Instead, companies were stuck footing steep travel bills when needing to meet face-to-ucj1YDReYE0face for interviews, reviews, sales pitches and other meetings — or they were stuck “making do” with the lesser quality, less-personalized experience of a teleconference.

VU Telepresence offers an intelligent, affordable alternative for businesses in need of direct, visual person-to-person communication. No airplanes or long drives. No overwhelming equipment costs. Just simple, high-def connections at bargain prices. (Don’t believe you’d be getting a steal? Check out this video conferencing technology comparison checklist to see how VU Telepresence systems stack up against systems from Cisco/Tanberg, Polycorn, LifeSize and Radvision.)

MilesTek’s VU Telepresence systems are available in two options — the 720p video conferencing system and the 1080p video conferencing system – and each come loaded with a wide range of features, including:

  • Media control unit/codec
  • Multipoint capability
  • Dual-display videoconferencing
  • WebVU (PC-based video conferencing)
  • Screen and document-sharing
  • Speaker bar
  • Keyboard
  • HD camera
  • Microphone
  • Camera remote
  • Required cabling
  • And more..

The systems are AV-cart compatible, and set-up is simple. The systems are also compatible with third-party systems, ensuring easy video collaboration with customers, clients, and colleagues across the country (and beyond) – regardless of which videoconferencing systems they use.

In other words, the systems are the type of products that simply make it easier for your business to do what it does best. We’re thrilled to be adding it to our complete line of A/V distribution solutions — feel free to contact us with any questions.