Custom Trompeter Assemblies


Trompeter Connector AssemblyWith deep inventories of a type of connectivity product, you have solutions available for most of your customer’s needs. But with the ability to craft customized solutions on the fly, you can meet just about any needs.

As we mentioned last time here on the MilesTek blog, we’re proud to have recently launched the world’s first complete, authoritative, unabridged altogether-fantastic online Trompeter Assembly Instructions database for Trompeter Connectors.

We wanted to eliminate any potential confusion about the Trompeter Connectors our customers buy by providing detailed, helpful installation instructions for each connector. In other words, the database makes the deep inventories of Trompeter Connectors we provide more accessible than ever.

Simply put, we’re one of the largest factory-authorized distributors of Trompeter products anywhere in the globe. Beyond connectors, we also provide:

Still, we’re not content to simply rest on our inventories, and we understand that some folks have unique needs that require unique, custom Trompeter assemblies. We have more than 30 years of experience dealing with Trompeter assemblies, and our engineers are highly trained to think outside of the box and explore solutions to any unexpected problems our customers bring us.

For example, we provide custom assemblies for Trompter PL75-9 cables, such as an assembly that pairs Trompeter PL75-9 TRB 3-slot male cables with PL75-9 TRB 3-slot Male TWC-78-2 twinaxial blue jacket 78-ohm cables.

Contact one of our Trompeter experts with any questions. Or, if you’d like to learn more about our other unmatched lines of cable assemblies or AV distribution products, ask us about our free catalogs.

Trompeter Connector AssemblyHere at MilesTek, we’re proud to provide maintain one of the largest inventories of Trompeter products anywhere on the globe. But our goal has always been to go beyond simple product sales and become a valuable resource of guidance and expertise for customers as well.

In other words, we’ve been supplying Trompeter connectors, panels, and other connectivity solutions for more than three decades, and think we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

So check out the first, best, and most long-awaited database of Trompeter Assembly Instructions (TAI) available anywhere on the world wide web. There you can find assembly instructions for our entire catalog of innovative Trompeter connectors, including an unparalleled range of coaxial connectors, twinaxial connectors and triaxial connectors.

You can look up the Trompeter connector instructions you need either by its part number (in the left column) or its unique TAI number (in the right). The attached PDFs include step-by-step installation instructions, plus drawings and diagrams. The documents are also formatted for ideal printing sizes in order to make the instructions accessible without a computer at hand.

Take a look at our complete catalog of Trompeter products to learn more about how these fantastic connectivity solutions can complete your project. In addition to Trompeter connectors, MilesTek stocks the following additional Trompeter solutions:

If you need a bit of additional help or advice concerning any of our Trompeter connectivity solutions — or if the Trompeter connector installation instructions you need are not listed — give us a call. One of our Trompeter experts will be glad to give you a hand.