It can feel like you’re constructing some sort of spider web. Each time you buy a new fancy DVD player, video game system or computer, a new string of cords gets added to the tangled mess behind your entertainment center. This birds nest limits your AV system’s flexibility, and makes it difficult to extend and expand it for, say, a classroom or trade show demonstration.

Simplicity is simply a beautiful thing. Our new HDMI RS232 IR over single-CAT6 extender with 3-port fast ethernet sets (despite their long name) make it possible.

With these HDMI distribution devices, you can now combine all your HDTV and networking requirements into just a single piece of cutting edge equipment. Basically, (thanks to the use of CAT6 cables, which boast extraordinary long-distance capabilities), the active extender sets can send an HDMI signal with HDCP up to 330 feet, without losing any of its high-def 1080p 60 Hz picture quality. Its twisted long-distance allows for distribution of IR and RS232 serial audio and video.

Furthermore, the use of CAT6 cables also lowers costs significantly, which gives you the flexibility to build the A/V system you need to meet your company, school, or home entertainment needs.

The extender’s capabilities include:

  • Support for all HDMI 1.4a 3D formats
  • Remote management of both course device and display remotely
  • Built-in three fast Ethernet LAN ports on each module
  • 340 MHz bandwidth, as well as extension for up to 330 feet
  • A local HDMI bypass port on TX module
  • Deep Color Video with EDID pass-thru capability
  • DTS-HD & Dolby TrueHD multi-channel digital audio
  • Extension of full bandwidth IR and full-duplex RS-232

(Technical note: This extender is NOT a HDMI-over-LAN device.)

For more information, take a look at the extender’s user manual, or check out our full catalog of HDMI extenders, HDMI splitters, HDMI switchers, and other AV devices today.

3D TV HDMI ExtenderGrab some popcorn. Dim the lights. Plop down on your couch. Throw on your 3D glasses and get ready for an unmatched home entertainment experience.

More and more movies are coming out in 3D. For example, 20 3D movies were released in 2009, compared to only eight in 2008. 3D capable screens across the US and Canada jumped up from 1,514 to 3,548 in one year. It’s not just cartoons anymore — action movies, comedies, IMAX films, and concerts are all being released with that extra dimension. And, increasingly, electronics providers are releasing products like 3D-ready HDTVs, making it easy to bring this dazzling technology into your own home.

Imagine the possibilities: Nature shows where your kids find themselves suddenly surrounded by a friendly pack of happy hippos. NFL games where you see the plays unfold from the vantage point of a middle linebacker. A film giving a classroom full of high schoolers an immersion tour of the human heart. An office training session that gives their sales staff in-depth understanding of the highly complicated products they’re preparing to sell. A trade show demonstration where you can take potential customers and clients on a illuminating info tour of your cutting edge product.

We’re not there yet, but 3D-ready TVs that can be set up in homes, offices, schools, and conferences make for a giant next step in the direction of immersive A/V experience. And at MilesTek, we fully expect our A/V connectivity solutions to help bridge the transition to these new sorts of technologies.

For example, our new 3D-ready, IR-controllable HDMI-over-CAT5E/CAT6 extenders simply add 3D readiness to all the same benefits of our other HDMI extenders, including:

  • The ability to transmit HDMI signals further. Depending on the extender model, the devices can extend 1080p resolution up to 164 feet over CAT5E cables, and up to 180 feet over CAT6 cables.
  • The ability to transmit HDMI signals at a fraction of the price (compared to more expensive HDMI cables).
  • Built-in pass-thru IR control for more flexible management.
  • A high-speed chip set that supports 3D, 4K x 2
  • HDCP compliance

The 3D extenders arrive to you tested for compatibility with all leading HD video brands, as well as whole series 7.1 home theater systems. The devices also come in a wall plate extender version.

It’s an exciting time filled with A/V possibilities. Contact our HDMI solutions specialists for more information.

The connectors and cables designed and manufactured by Trompeter Electronics and Emerson Connectivity Solutions are simply some of the most advanced, most reliable connectivity products in the industry. Here at MilesTek, we’re proud to make it easy for folks to get them.

With more than 20 years of experience selling Trompeter-Emerson connectivity accessories, our knowledgeable sales staff provides an unparalleled level of customer service. From our headquarters in North Texas, we’ve become one of the leading factory-authorized Trompeter distributors in the world, boasting an endless range of Trompeter products, including:

  • Trompeter connectors — High-end RF interconnect components, including Trompeter coaxial, twinaxial, and triaxial connectors.
  • Trompeter bulk cable — An extensive range of bulk coaxial, twinaxial and triaxial cabling. We also offer preassembled cables (upon request).
  • Trompeter panels and accessories — A diverse selection of patching products for military databus, Telemetry, Telecom, Broadcast, CATV, and testing, simplifying connections to incoming and outgoing communication lines. At MilesTek, we provide panels for twinax, triax, and coax cabling needs in a wide range of sizes in order to meet our customers’ unique space and environmental guidelines.
  • Trompeter tools — Reliable, advanced stripping and crimping attachments for Trompeter connectors.

We also offer custom cable assemblies built from Trompeter components.

Our unmatched inventory capacity (one of the largest in the world) allows us to offer same-day shipping on in-stock items, without a minimum quantity requirement. We’re competitively priced, and we offer application support from our committed specialists on staff.

In fact, we’re making it easier than ever for our customers to get the connectivity solutions they need. Until August 15, we’ve slashed prices on certain products, including the PL75-29 Trompeter Twinaxial Cable Plug for $12.99 and the PL220-026 Trompeter Coaxial Cable Plug for just $2.99.

Contact us, or take a look at our comprehensive catalog of Trompeter Emerson accessories for more information.

New AV devices. New racks and accesories. New connectivity solutions.

Our new Summer-Fall 2011 supplemental catalog is out, and its utterly bursting with a slew of new products that make A/V, coaxial, fiber optic and networking set ups easier, less expensive, and more flexible.

We’ve been committed to providing innovative connectivity solutions to corporate, systems integration, IT/networking, education and government professionals all over the world for more 30 years. But since technology is galloping ahead at an unprecedented pace, we’re constantly updating our offerings in order to stay ahead of the cutting edge.

For example, this summer’s catalog alone features 50 new products. In fact, it’s so large, so full of connectivity solutions for homes, schools, and businesses that this year we needed to split the catalog into two parts. In other words, it’s 72 pages of everything you need to succeed.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Part One: Intro, Voice & Data, AV Distribution:

Part Two: Coaxial, Racks, Networking, Cable Management, Reference:

Check out our Mil-Aero/RF 2011 Interconnect Solutions catalog and our DS3 Central Office Solutions catalog as well — or contact one of our A/V solutions specialists for more information.