HDMI ConverterAt the core, much of what we offer here at MilesTek is all about simplifying connectivity. Technology changes so fast, and there’s so much new, wonderful stuff out there. But you shouldn’t have to replace your entire entertainment center or A/V setup just to make sure it’s all compatible with the latest, greatest standard.

While HDMI is a wonderful technology offering stunning visual clarity, many older analog TVs simply won’t have the necessary inputs needed to watch movies or play games from HDMI sources, like Blu-ray players, HD DVD players, XBox 360s, and PlayStation 3s, and AVCHD camcorders. Our new HDMI-to-component video and stereo audio converters make compatibility easy.

Aptly named, the converters simplify turning data from your HDMI source to component video (Y-Pb-Pr) and stereo audio (R-L). The result is high-def TV and crystal-clear sound on an older analog TV or projector that doesn’t have an HDMI input.

The converters give you the flexibility to create A/V solutions for a diverse range of settings, including:

  • HDTV retail and show sites
  • HDTV, DVD, and projector factories
  • Situations where noise, space, or security is a concern
  • Digital entertainment centers
  • Data control centers
  • Conference room presentations
  • Corporate and school training centers

At just $65, it’s a bargain way to make new and old technologies work together. These converters are rare, so call ahead to request one. We’ll get you set up in no time. Check out our full catalog of HDMI converters for more options.

HDMI over LAN/ethernet IR extender kitsGo ahead and invite 200 of your closest friends over for high-def movie night — and tell them to each bring their own TV.

At Milestek, we can make that happen — as well as solutions for far more practical commercial AV needs involving large audiences. Our HDMI over LAN/ethernet IR extender kits can distribute HDMI data to up to 200 receivers, giving you the flexibility and reach needed to accurately tailor your AV setup to your needs.

Here’s why:

HDMI 1.3 is a wonderful technology for the transmission of high-quality, lossless audio data and crystal-clear video content, such as 1080p. But HDMI cables aren’t designed to maintain that extraordinary quality long distances — and long HDMI cables would be prohibitively expensive even if they could.

Instead, our HDMI extender kits let you simultaneously send out an HDMI signal to one or more HDMI displays (like high-def TVs, computer monitors, or projectors). By utilizing the networking power of a standard managed ethernet infrastructure, the HDMI over LAN/ethernet IR extender kits can distribute HD digital A/V content from multiple sources (like Blu-Ray and DVD players, video game consoles, computers, camcorders, etc.) to up to 200 — yes, 200 — displays on a local area network (LAN), using just a single CAT5E/CAT6 cable.

Managed ethernet switches are cascaded up to three levels, which lets HDMI signals travel up to 400 meters (nearly 1,300 ft) without losing top-quality video and audio quality. The switcher also sends an IR control signal back to the source, which maintains the ability to tailor your AV experience from a remote location.

What could you do with that extra 400 meters? Naturally, this setup provides AV solutions to a diverse array of commercial applications, including:

  • Digital signage
  • Bar and restaurant entertainment
  • Corporate training environments
  • School communication and information distribution
  • Environments where limited space or security is a concern

An important difference with this specific system is that it’s not a HDMI balun, but instead an HDMI-over-IP system. This basically means that you can build your own AV ethernet network. Each receiver will automatically locate the transmitter, without needing to be plugged in.

The kits come with just about everything you need, including a transmitter, a receiver, and AC adapters, as well as a set of IR send-and-receive control cables.

Our HDMI over LAN/ethernet IR extender kits can:

  • Connect hundreds of displays to just a single source
  • Extend an HDMI signal as much as 400 meters from the original source.
  • Expand with the addition of an ethernet hub and extra receivers
  • Support up to HDMI v1.3 1080p, including stereo audio
  • Operate at 225MHz bandwidth
  • Be installed easily and quickly through plug & play technology
  • Let you control the system from remote locations through IR