Just Say No to Wall Scars: New HDMI Wireless Extenders

HDMI wireless extendersYes, everyone will be focused on the dazzling 1080p high-def brilliance coming from your TV. No, that doesn’t mean they won’t notice all the holes you drilled through your walls in order to connect your HDMI cables.

Our new plug-and-play HDMI wireless extenders make A/V system setup easy and cable-free — without tearing up the walls around your entertainment center.

Boasting performance speeds of 300 Mbps, the wireless capabilities can extend up to 30 meters, while replicating high-definition visuals flawlessly. The extenders also feature full digital and analog audio support at transmission.

Unlike many other HDMI wireless devices, our extenders can transmit source signals through walls, which you don’t need to rely on direct line-of-sight for the connections to maintain top quality. Instead, you can set up the A/V system that best fits your needs, and design viewing rooms around comfort and ease instead.

This, of course, is ideal for multi-room installations. Imagine the possibilities:

  • Restaurants, bars, or clubs with multiple TVs
  • Sports viewing parties
  • Art displays
  • Trade show demonstrations
  • Training centers
  • Divided office environments
  • Temporary setups where permanent drilling marks are undesirable
  • Homes with antique or non-drillable walls

It’s all made possible by cutting-edge technology that is bursting with new features, including:

  • Auto-tracing, thanks to a smart antenna
  • Real-time, visually lossless HD compression
  • Indoor transmission extension up to 30 meters (98 feet)
  • Full compliance with IEEE802.11n draft 2.0 and IEEE 802.11-a standards
  • Compatibility with HDMI- and wireless-compliant devices
  • Compatibility with HDCP 1.1/1.2-compliant devices


In other words, the wireless HDMI extenders makes it simpler to customize your AV system around your unique needs. The units are small, sleek, and attractive, and represent the future of plug-and-play AV devices.

Take a look at our full catalog of HDMI extenders for more information.

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