Flexibility Matters:New 4×4 HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 Matrix Switcher/Receiver Sets

4x4 HDMI Over CAT5E/CAT6 Matrix SwitcherMore flexibility. More capabilities. Less expensive. Meet our new (deep breath) HDMI over dual CAT5E/CAT6 4X4 matrix switcher-and-receiver sets. It’s a mouthful—but the sets are bursting with new capabilities that can vastly improve your AV setup.

Let’s take a look:

In general, running HDMI distribution over CAT5E and CAT6 cables is a great way to hold down costs and give AV systems the flexibility needed to meet their customers needs (without, of course, sacrificing the high quality that comes with HDMI). They’re ideal for any environment where multiple AV displays come in handy, like corporate training sessions and trade shows. And while HDMI cables provide extraordinary signal clarity, they’re more expensive than CAT5E/CAT6 cables, and cannot maintain high quality over long distances (usually around 50 feet).

Instead, running HDMI signals through, say, one of our single CAT5E/CAT6 splitters and receivers can extend a signal up to 164 feet to as many as eight different HDTV displays. Imagine the possibilities.

Our new dual switcher/receiver sets simply expand these improved capabilities. Boasting unmatched flexibility, the new switcher/receiver sets can connect high-def AV signals from any of four HDMI sources (like blu-ray players, computers, video game systems, etc.) to any of four remote displays. All you need is a single HDMI cable, or two CAT5E/CAT6 cables.

The sets are full of new features, including:

  • The sets allow any HDMI display to view any HDMI source at any time
  • Any HDMI source can now be displayed on multiple HDMI displays — at the same time
  • The 4×4 matrix switch includes: four HDMI inputs and four single HDMI or double CAT 5e/CAT 6 outputs (although only one output format can be used at any one time)
  • The receiver units include: One HDMI Output and two CAT 5e/CAT 6 inputs (four receivers Total)
  • A vast transmission range, including:
    • 40 meters (130 feet) of 1080p resolution when used with (2) CAT5E/CAT6 outputs
    • 15 meters (50 feet) of 1080p resolution when used with HDMI output
  • Each input includes an infrared emitter, enabling remote-control access of the source device
  • Display inputs can be switched using the included IR remote control, as well as through RS232
  • Support for high-def resolutions at 1080p high-def resolution.

In other words, they make extraordinary technology even more useful. Check out our complete line of HDMI extenders for more information.

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