Test and Measurement Cables: Tough, Flexible, and Smart Investments

Precision Test Cables

We provide high-quality coaxial cables that are both tough enough to last for as long as you’ll need them, and flexible enough to perform customized, mission-specific tests…without sacrificing performance. And at MilesTek our precision test cables can perform up to a full range of frequencies, including 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz, and 65 GHz.

These cables include triple-shielding for reduced RF leakage, and tough, rugged construction that makes them durable over multiple mating cycles. We offer both semi-rigid cables, and PRECISION-150, PRECISION-098, and PRECISION-095 cables that come with increased flexibility. In other words, they’ll work for you—not the other way around.

We can even get you custom lengths. Contact us for custom ordering information.

Non-Magnetic Precision Cables

The PRECISION-165 cable is designed for high isolation and stability under the most demanding conditions. The non-magnetic construction is ideal for, say, MRI applications, and boast a fused laminated PTFE core.

The result is unmatched durability, and shielding characteristics that set the industry standard in flexible cables. They’re flexible, but without sacrificing durability — thanks to a ruggedized, passivated stainless steel design. And electrical performance can handle vibrations and environmental exposure with ease.

Testing Equipment

Thorough planning, testing, and quality assurance can end up saving you money over the long run. From our headquarters in Denton, Texas, we can provide a full line of the testing tools and kits you need to ensure fault-less installation and make sure the job is done right the first time.

This includes A/V testers like AV cable testers, video isolation transformers and XLR cable tester pairs, electrical testers like high-end circuit testers and multi-meters, toners and probes, and telephone butt-sets. Our network cable testers include electricians and cable installers who can quickly diagnose problems with cables, at distances of up to 2,500 feet. That human element can make the save you from enormous headaches, system failures, and cost-overruns—and we only hire the best.

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