AV Distribution Solutions: Making the Best Technology Even Better

Vibrant, vivid, and crystal-clear — there’s just not much more impressive technology out there in the home entertainment industry than HDTVs. What if there was a way to cheaply run that technology to multiple locations throughout your home or office?

We love HDMI technology here at Milestek, and we can make it easy to do exactly that. Splitting and extending HDTV signals simply makes such extraordinary technology even more useful.

Let’s think about how HDMI signal distribution might come in handy:

  • Outdoor parties where there’s limited cable access.
  • Seminars and lectures, where multiple HDTVs would improve the overall presentation.
  • Large parties across multiple rooms.
  • Convention, exhibition and trade show demonstrations.
  • Any time, in fact, when there’s only one DVD or Blu-Ray, but multiple HDTVs to show it on.

If you install it poorly, or use inferior or incorrect equipment, however, you’ll end up substandard quality picture (or with just a bunch blank TV screens).

Here at MilesTek, we provide everything you need to do it right. In fact, HDTV extension and splitting makes up just a small part of the comprehensive suite of AV distribution solutions we offer. Effective, quality-retaining signal distribution is key for any AV installation, and we provide our clients with cutting-edge digital and analog signal distribution options for DVI, Component Video, RGB, VGA, Audio and USB technologies.

And, as we’ve mentioned in the past, we offer multiple devices that allow you to pair VGA and HDMI signals with CAT5E/CAT6 technology, which lets you run high-quality signal longer distances (for example, up to 1,000 feet for VGA signals) over flexible, less expensive cables.

Contact one of our AV distribution specialists for more information, or check out our complete catalog of AV devices, which includes:

  • Cable Assemblies
  • Switchers
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Active and Passive Baluns
  • Over CAT5 Extenders
  • Wall Plates

Our AV solutions make amazing technology even better.

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